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Wet and Wild night tops of Season Championships


Story By: Brandon Aschenbrenner

Rains hit the speedway around qualifying time forcing track officials to forgo the qualifying procedure. The decision was then made to only run the heats and features and get Season Championship night completed. With no points awarded for qualifying, which was set by current standings, the tight battles remained the same heading into the heats.  

The Super Stocks started off the night with heat 1 which saw Wyatt Brooks (33) take the win. In heat 2, it was pure craziness coming to the checkered flag when contact between race leader Brad Scholze (87) and John Zuch (8) caused them both to spin in turn 4 in front of the whole field. Matt Raykowski (6) was declared the winner, but he was involved in the accident ending his night. Brian Weinfurter (24), the 2014 champion, also suffered heavy damage which left his car without right side body panels. In the feature, it was Matt Pyburn (71) making his way to the front and staying there. Weinfurter was able to run him down, but not able to make a pass finishing 2nd. Wyatt Brooks, John Zuch and Phil Malouf (32) rounded out the top 5. Again, Brian Weinfurter took the championship this year over Matt Pyburn. Phil Malouf, John Zuch and Matt Raykowski. Rachel Kallas (70) picked up Rookie of the Year honors. 

The Element Mobile Super Late Models saw Jeff Nowak (79), Chad Devine (54) and Natalie Decker (04) all pick up heat wins. Eugene Gregorich Jr. (14) came into the night 11 points behind Frank Nitzke (18) and he picked up 3 in the heat. So the battle for the championship was on in the feature. Ted Reichenberger (20) was able to get out and lead most of the race until Natalie Decker made a pass within the last few laps to capture the victory. Reichenberger finished 2nd with Eugene Gregorich Jr. sneaking in for 3rd. Dave Neitzke (06) and Darren Jackson (2) were 4th and 5th in the feature. Frank Nitzke ended up 6th, so Gregorich Jr. picked up 11 points in the feature to win the 2014 championship by 3 points. Natalie Decker took 3rd, Mike Egan (44) took 4th and Travis Volm (7-11) took 5th in the standings. Natalie Decker captured the Rookie of the Year title.   

In the Rock 94.7 Pure Stock division Kyle Genett (16X) was the point leader with a pretty large advantage over Jake Capek (81). There was 1 heat race and that win went to Scott Ciesielski (72). In the feature, it was Ciesielski and Kyle Genett making contact cutting down the left rear tire on the 16X car. He was able to make repairs though and continue. Travis Volm (76) picked up the feature win over Jake Capek. Ciesielski took 3rd, Karl Genett (16K) 4th and Kyle Genett 5th. Kyle did pick up enough points to win the championship on the year by 31 over Capek. Dean Ashbacher (38), Dan Weinfurter (4), who drove a special tribute paint scheme for Merle Weinfurter (24) friday night and Karl Genett finished out the top 5 in points. Scott Ciesielski took home the Rookie of the Year trophy. 

The 4-Cylinder Stock class brought 22 cars to race. The heats were won by Greg Blount (22), Brandon Knoblock (71) and Kelly Sankey (88). Sankey came into the night with a 14 point lead over Dillon Mackesy (93) and extended that in the heat and then gained the max points in the feature picking up the win. Jarrod Dolph (2) took 2nd, Mike Wegner (20) 3rd, Dillon Mackesy 4th and Corey Stephens (3) 5th. Sankey took the championship again this year beating out Mackesy, George Seliger (06), Nikki Coulthurst (17) and Mike Wegner. Jarrod Dolph won Rookie of the Year.

The final event of 2014 at Golden Sands Speedway is set for Saturday, September 13th for the Eve of Devastation. Tickets are available in advance at Terry's Amoco in Nekoosa, Kwik Trip Stores in Rapids, Plover, & Point, and by calling the Golden Sands Speedway office at (715) 423-4660. Advance tickets are Adults $13 and kids 12yrs and under, $6. At the gate, Adults are $15 and kids 12yrs and under are $10. Time Trials are at 6:30pm with racing set to begin at 7:00pm. Events include Cruiser Championships and 4-Cylinder racing, spectator racing, bumper love, spin to win, a jet powered recliner show, 5th turn race, burn out contest, forwards/backwards racing, MEGASAURUS show, jumps for distance and trailer races. For more information or to register for any of these events visit our website at

Brian Weinfurter Wins Wild Race, Secures Title
Story By: Brandon Aschenbrenner

Photo By: Jeff Blaser

On Friday night, it was fan appreciation night. Fans responded by packing the house at Golden Sands Speedway. Many first time fans showed up as well to enjoy some great racing on the high banked 1/3 mile.

The Super Stocks started off the night and Matt Raykowski (6) regained his throne on top of the qualifying sheet. The heat races saw Brad Scholze (87) and Marv Flick (90) pick up the checkered flags. In the feature, it was Brad Scholze who looked strong early. A caution came out when contact between Kade Hamin (62) and Marv Flick (90) cased those cars to spin in turns 1 and 2 and bunched up the field behind them including Phil Malouf (32) who was 2nd in points and Matt Raykowski, who was 3rd in points and the fast timer. Brian Weinfurter, the point leader, was also involved, but was able to continue the race without making repairs. Weinfurter restarted 6th and motored his way through the field picking up the feature win. Matt Pyburn (71) took 2nd, Scholze 3rd, Bryan Langreck (12) 4th and Rachel Kallas (70) who was celebrating her birthday, getting a top 5. With the win and the troubles for the other top 3 drivers in points, Brian Weinfurter has an 83
 point advantage. One driver can only gain a maximum of 80 points in one night, so Weinfurter will be the 2014 Champion.

The Element Mobile Super Late Models were next out and Mike Egan (44) took fast time honors. In heat racing action, Corey Jankowski (31) Matt Pyburn (71) and Eugene Gregorich Jr. (14) all grabbed wins. In the B main last chance race, the top 2 advanced. Those two were Jeff Weinfurter (3) and Chad Devine (54). Devine survived after getting hit hard in the back end by visitor Braison Bennett (2) after a car spun in front of those drivers. In the A-Main, Gregorich and Frank Nitzke (18) 2nd and 1st respectfully in the standings, started on the front row. It would be a show between these two drivers down to the finish. Gregorich got the lead on the start and held on dealing with lap traffic and dying tires to pick up the victory. Nitzke took 2nd, Natalie Decker (04) 3rd, Mike Egan and Rene Scheinoha (5) 4th and 5th. Gregorich, after getting his car repaired after a hard crash at Marshfield a few weeks ago, closed in on the point lead. Nitzke now holds the
 slim 11 point advantage. Mike Egan sits 3rd in the standings 34 out of the lead and Natalie Decker is 37 points out in 4th.   

In the Rock 94.7 Pure Stock division Jake Capek (81) beat out Kyle Genett (16X) by 3 one-thousandths of a second for fast time. Ethan Elgersma (12) and Dan Weinfurter (4) got the heat wins. The feature saw Kyle Genett jump towards the front early on. He went on to pick up the victory. Weinfurter took 2nd, Karl Genett (16K) and Scott Ciesielski (72) finished 3rd and 4th after a tough battle and Hunter Cramer (66) picked up 5th. Capek suffered a flat tire late and stayed on the track for the final 4 laps finishing 9th on the night. That helped Kyle Genett increase his points lead to 43 now over Jake going into championship night.

The 4-Cylinder Stock class had another crazy night. George Seliger (06) started off where he left off the night before at State Park Speedway and took fast time. Nikki Coulthurst (17) and Kelly Sankey (88) won the heat races. The feature was interesting if nothing else. It was again 3 wide racing action throughout the pack. Sankey and Cheri Kurth (07) tangled coming out of turn 2, but no caution was thrown. Then later, Dillon Mackesy (93), the point leader coming in, had a rear tire break away from the car ending his night. It was Seliger though motoring his way through to pick up the feature win. Eric Robinson (2) took 2nd, Jarrod Dolph (2), Mike Wegner (20) and Kelly Sankey rounded out the top 5. With Mackesy’s DNF, Sankey jumped back into the point lead and now holds a 14 point advantage going into the final night.

The cruiser division was back in action as well tonight. The cars with 2 drivers had a good fight for the win right down to the checkered flag between Kuhn and Mancil (126) and Wheelock and Kalata (73). Wheelock and Kalata used the high line on the final lap to capture the checkers. Kuhn and Mancil ended up 2nd and Poeschel and Fourness took home 3rd. With the win, Wheelock and Kalata vaulted to the point lead and is tied with Poeschel and Fourness. Carlson and Carlson (5.0) sits 3rd 2 points out of the lead. Their championship will be decided at the Eve of Devastation on Saturday September 13th.

The final regular season event at Golden Sands Speedway is Friday, August 29th. It’s the Season Championship Night! The Race Idol Contest will also be taking place. Join us for the Super Stocks, Element Mobile Super Late Models, Rock 94.7 Pure Stocks and the 4-Cylinder Stocks. Gates open at 4:30, Qualifying at 6:30 and Racing at 7:45.

Travis Volm Snags First Ever Win; Weinfurter, Capek and Sankey Continue To Show Strength
Story By: Brandon Aschenbrenner

Photo By: Jeff Blaser/Blaser Photography

The DuWayne Davis Memorial brought a huge crowd and a huge car count, the biggest this year, to Golden Sands Speedway. Seventy-two total cars made up the show and qualifying found Matt Pyburn (71) in the Super Stocks, Dan Lensing (19) in the Element Mobile Late Models, Kyle Genett (16X) in the Rock 94.7 Pure Stocks and Kelly Sankey (88) in the 4-Cyl stock class picking up fast time honors.
The Super Stock heat races saw Kade Hamin (62), Phil Malouf (32) and Brian Weinfurter (24) all make their way to victory lane. In the feature, it was Matt Ciesielski out to the early lead, but issues slowed his car and that allowed Brian Weinfurter, Matt Pyburn and Wyatt Brooks to make their way to the front. Weinfurter grabbed the lead and held off Pyburn to take the win. Brooks squeezed in for 2nd, Pyburn ended up 3rd, Matt Raykowski (6) and Rachael Kallas (70) rounded out the top 5. In the standings, Weinfurter holds a 67 point edge over Malouf. Brian Weinfurter also picked up the DuWayne Davis Memorial trophy, which was voted on by fans.

Dan Lensing visited from Roscoe, Illinois with the Element Mobile Super Late Models and he took fast time. Four heat races were won by Cody Smiley (13), Troy Nelson (66), Natalie Decker (04) and Frank Nitzke (18). In the B main last chance race, the top 3 moved on. It was Nelson dominating early until mechanical issues ended his night. Corey Jankowski (31), Jeff Weinfurter (3) and Chad Devine (54) all advanced. In the A-Main, Travis Volm (7-11) and Mike Egan (44) started up front and stayed there. Frank Nitzke made some moves to get to the front, but could not get past the feature winner, Volm, his first ever in a Super Late Model, and runner up, Egan. Nitzke took 3rd, Eugene Gregorich Jr. (14) 4th and Matt Pyburn (71) picked up a top 5. Nitzke maintained his point lead, now at 16, over Gregorich Jr.   

The Rock 94.7 Pure Stock division saw 3 heat winners; Mike Kasperek (08), Kyle Davis (43), DuWayne’s son, and Jake Capek (81). In the feature event, it was Davis jumping out the lead until Capek made a run to the lead. Capek picked up the win with Davis 2nd, Dean Ashbacher (38), Kyle Genett and Dan Weinfurter (4) finished 3rd through 5th. Capek slimmed the point lead some behind Genett which is now at 17.

The 4-Cylinder Stock class had Kelley Sankey (88) picking up a clean sweep. Cheri Kurth (07) won heat number 1. In the feature, it was again 3 and 4 wide racing action. Sankey grabbed the advantage on the high side working his way to 1st. Dale Robinson (3D), Dillon Mackesy (93) and George Seliger (06) battled for the second spot. When all was over though, it was Sankey, Robinson, Mackesy, Seliger and Brandon Polansky (8) picking up the top 5s. Mackesy maintains a 5 point lead over Sankey in the point standings.

The next event at Golden Sands Speedway is Friday, August 1st. It’s kid’s box car races. Kid’s with their box cars get in free! Super Late Models, Super Stocks, Pure Stocks, 4-Cyl Stocks & Cruisers will be all be in action, plus a 4-Cyl Mod class will be running a special event as well.

Mike Egan Battles Eugene Gregorich Jr. (Jeff Blaser Photography)

Gregorich Jr., Genett, and Mackesy win again; Brooks wins first
Story By: Brandon Aschenbrenner 

Friday the 11th felt a little bit like Friday the 13th early on in the Super Stock division. Matt Pyburn (71) qualified 1st, putting an end to the streak Matt Raykowski (6) had going. In heat number 1, there were 2 cautions before completing a single lap. Once the field was able to get calmed down Phil Malouf (32) picked up the first heat win and Matt Raykowski won the second heat. The feature saw some wild racing action again as Matt Komatz and Jeff McIntee (15) seemed to find each other everywhere on the track. Coming to the checkered flag, Raykowski spun out of turn 4, which was tough luck for the 6 car who was running 3rd. At the checkered, it was Wyatt Brooks (33) picking up the win. It’s the first time he has been to GSS this year with the car and it looked good. Pyburn finished 2nd, Rachel Kallas (70) took 3rd, Brian Weinfurter (24) and Marv Flick (90) rounded out the top five.  Weinfurter continues to hold a commanding 44 point lead over a
 tight race for 2nd. Malouf is
 currently 2nd, John Zuch (8) is 3rd; 9 points behind Phil. Raykowski is 14 back from Malouf and Flick is 15 back. 

The Element Mobile Super Late Models saw a new fast timer, and it was Berlin’s Fast Frank Nitzke (18). Three heat races saw Ted Reichenberger (20), Mark Eswein (71) and Natalie Decker (04) pocket wins. In the B main last chance race, Eswein took the win and Darren Jackson (2) finished 2nd to advance to the main event. In the A main, the craziness returned when Dave Neitzke (06), who started 3rd, entered turn 3 on lap 1 a little too low and jumped the curb which launched him right up into the whole field. Corey Jankowski (31), Derrick VanDreel (12), Rene Scheinoha (5) and Neitzke all suffered considerable damage. After the restart though, it was the Russian Rocket show. Eugene Gregorich Jr. put on a clinic making pass after pass after starting 7th. He picked up his 2nd feature of 2014. Mike Egan (44) took 2nd, Fast timer Nitzke 3rd, Natalie Decker 4th and Travis Volm (7-11) 5th. Nitzke now has a 11 point lead over Decker. Gregorich sits 3rd in points 14
 out of first and he has Egan on his tail, 24 out of the lead.

Rock 94.7 Pure Stock division domination continued with Kyle Genett (16X) completing a clean sweep on the night. Jake Capek (81) took home the other heat win. Kyle, again, won the feature and 2nd through 5th were Capek, Dean Ashbacher (38), Dan Weinfurter (4) and Karl Genett (16K). Kyle has a 29 point lead over Capek in the point standings. 

4-Cylinder Stock driver Dillon Mackesy (93) set fast time once again. Kelly Sankey (88) and Nikki Coulthurst (17) both took the checkered flag in heats. The feature saw the normal 3 wide racing for quite a while all the way around the speedway. Isaiah Rowe suffered the hardest luck on the night as the right front stock wheel gave way and flew off of the car. He came to rest in the sand just off turn 4. Kelly Sankey and Dillon Mackesy were the fastest two all night and that continued in the feature. Mackesy was able to get out front and never looked back though picking up the win. Sankey took 2nd, Mike Wegner (20) had a good run taking 3rd, Coulthurst grabbed 4th and Cheri Kurth (07) finished 5th. Dillon holds a solid 22 point advantage over Sankey in the standings. 

In the 2-man Cruiser action, Wheelock and Kalata (73) battled side by side with Kuhn and Mancil (126) for half of the race before taking off and picking up the win. Kuhn and Mancil ended up 2nd and Poeschel and Fourness (69) took 3rd. Carlson and Carlson (5.0) and Poeschel and Fourness are tied on top of the standings with 92 points. 

The next event at Golden Sands Speedway is two weeks away. Friday July 25th will be Duwayne Davis Memorial Night. The Paul Gross Jeweler’s Powder Puff qualifier #4 will take place as well. Super Stocks, Element Mobile Super Late Models, Rock 94.7 Pure Stocks and 4-Cylinder Stocks will bring you the racing action. Gates open at 4:30, time trials at 6:30 and racing at 7:45. See you at Golden Sands Speedway!

Jankowski dominates; Genett, Weinfurter and Mackesy win

Story By: Brandon Aschenbrenner 

Fireworks highlighted the evening for a very large crowd this week at Golden Sands Speedway. The Paul Gross Jeweler’s Powder Puff Challenge #3 started off the racing action. Robin Back jumped out the early lead and ran away picking up the victory.

In the Super Stocks, Matt Raykowski (6) again scored the fast lap in qualifying. Brad Scholze (87) and Brian Weinfurter (24) grabbed heat wins. The feature saw Weinfurter take home the win after surviving a late charge from Matt Pyburn (71). Phil Malouf (32), John Zuch (8) and Marv Flick (90) rounded out the top 5. Weinfurter increased his points lead and now has a 33 point advantage over Malouf.

Element Mobile Super Late Model fast timer was Eagle River’s Claire Decker (01). Chad Devine (54), Ted Reichenberger (20) and Eugene Gregorich Jr. (14) all snagged heat wins. The last chance race advanced 3 drivers to the main. They were Devine, Derrick Van Dreel (12) and Wyatt Blashe (78). Corey Jankowski (31) started in the first position and dominated the race. The self-proclaimed Batman picked up the victory and the black cape made it's appearance in victory lane. Natalie Decker (04), Travis Volm (7-11), Mike Egan (44) and Frank Nitzke (18), the biggest mover of the race, concluded the top 5. Natalie, with the 2nd place finish, closed in on Nitzke’s point lead. She is now only 5 points back. Gregorich is 3rd in points, 22 out of the lead.

The Rock 94.7 Pure Stock division was once again graced with the presence of a very fast Kyle Genett (16X) as he continued to dominate qualifying. The heat races were won by Dan Weinfurter (4) and Scott Ciesielski (72) in a very close 3-wide finish. In the feature, once Kyle Genett got to lead, there was no catching him. Genett grabbed his 2nd win in a row over Jake Capek (81). Third through fifth was Ciesielski, Dean Ashbacher (38) and Kyle Davis (43) who was running his first ever race in his new car. Kyle Genett increases his points lead to 17 over Jake Capek.

The 4-Cylinder Stock division had Dillon Mackesy picking up fast time again. Jay Stone (88) and Nikki Coulthurst (17) picked up heat wins. The feature event saw 3 and 4 wide racing, a normal situation in this class, and Dillon Mackesy was able to take advantage of that. After Mackesy passed Cheri Kurth (07) he was able to pick up the win. Kurth took 2nd, George Seliger (06) 3rd, Kelly Sankey (88) 4th and Coulthurst finish 5th. This division is the closest in the standings with 5 drivers within 18 points of the lead. Mackesy is currently 5 ahead of Seliger. Kurth, Coulthurst and Sankey are the other 3 within the 18 point margin. The evening wrapped up with one of the best fireworks show at any tracks.

Our next event at Golden Sands Speedway is Friday July 11th. It’s Kid’s Night, with the Fey Printing paper airplane contest and a candy dash! The Super Stocks, Element Mobile Super Late Models, Rock 94.7 Pure Stocks, 4-Cylinder Stocks and Cruisers will bring you the best racing action. Gates open at 4:30, time trials at 6:30 and racing at 7:45. See you at the track!

Great Racing Action and First Wins Highlight Friday Night Excitement

Story By: Brandon Aschenbrenner 

June 20th was added to the schedule to make up for some early weather misfortunes. Rock 94.7 and fast racing action proved to be a great combination that was highlighted by first time winners. 

In the Super Stock division, it was Matt Raykowski (6) continuing his strong hold on fast time honors. Marv Flick (90) and Brian Weinfurter (24) each took home heat wins. In the feature, it was Matt Pyburn (71) picking up victory number 1 of 2014 over Weinfurter. John Zuch (8), Flick and Brad Scholze (87) rounded out the top 5. Weinfurter maintains a 17 point lead over Raykowski. For Pyburn, it was a busy night because he was running his Super Late Model as well.

Element Mobile Super Late Model fast time went to Mark Eswein, driving the 36 car tonight. Matt Pyburn (71), Wyatt Blashe (78) and Travis Volm (7-11) all picked up heat wins. There was a last chance race again and Ted Reichenberger (20) and Pyburn were the 2 cars to advance out of that race to the main event. The feature saw Jeff Weinfurter (3) jump out to the early lead, but Eugene Gregorich Jr. showed he was the strongest car of the night. Gregorich pulled away for the win, which was his first for the season, and Travis Volm finished 2nd. Natalie Decker (04), Eswein and Frank Nitzke (18) wrapped up the top 5. Nitzke is the current leader in the points, 10 ahead of Natalie and Gregorich who are tied for 2nd.

The Rock 94.7 Pure Stocks found a familiar face with fast time as Kyle Genett (16X) continued his undefeated streak in qualifying. The heat races were won by Hunter Cramer (66) and Kyle Genett. In the feature race, Kyle Genett completed the clean sweep picking up the win, his first of the year. Second was Jake Capek (81), third Dean Ashbacher (38), fourth Karl Genett (16K) and fifth Dan Weinfurter (4). Scott Ciesielski (72) had a great run going until mechanical issue ended his night. Kyle holds a 12 point lead over Capek in the standings. 

The 4-Cylinder Stock division again put on an entertaining show. Dillon Mackesy picked up fast time for the 2nd week in a row. Isaiah Rowe (96) and Cheri Kurth (07) grabbed heat wins. During the feature event, there was 4 and for a second 5 wide racing as drivers tried to move to the front. The yellow flag came out though for Nikki Coulthurst (17) and Luke Betro (1) making contact in turns 3 and 4. Betro shot up the track and made contact with Corey Stephens (3) sending him into the front stretch sand dune and also blocking the track for Dillon Mackesy. The damage would spell the end of the night for Dillon. Coulthurst was able to make her way back up to the front and took a shot at the win, but was not able to pass Jarrod Dolph (2). Dolph picked up his first feature win, Coulthurst took 2nd, Cheri Kurth 3rd with Betro and Rowe completing the top 5. Coulthurst is now in the point lead with 174 points. George Seliger (06) is 1 point back. 

In the Cruiser division, Kuhn and Mancil (126) took home the win. Second was Helbach and Helbach (27) and 3rd was the 5.0 of Carlson and Carlson. Carlson and Carlson hold a 1 point advantage in the standings over the tie for 2nd between Poeschel and Fourness (69) and Helbach and Helbach.

The next event at Golden Sands Speedway is this Friday June 27th. There will be Fireworks! Also on tap is the Paul Gross Jeweler’s Powder Puff qualifier #3. The Super Stocks, Element Mobile Super Late Models, Rock 94.7 Pure Stocks, 4-Cylinder Stocks will all be in action. Gates open at 4:30, Time Trials at 6:30 and racing at 7:45.

Malouf, Jankowski and Weinfurter Snag First Wins of the Season

Story By: Brandon Aschenbrenner 

A beautiful night for racing and School’s Night Out with Stock Car rides for the kids brought a huge crowd to Golden Sands Speedway this week. Qualifying results were very similar to last week as Matt Raykowski (6) in the Super Stocks, Eugene Gregorich Jr. (14) for the Element Mobile Super Late Models and Kyle Genett (16X) in his Rock 94.7 Pure Stock all took fast time for the 2nd week in a row. Dillon Mackesy (93) beat out Kelly Sankey (88) for fast time in the 4-Cylinder Stock class.

Super Stock heat racing found Phil Malouf (32) and Brian Weinfurter (24) in victory lane. The feature saw Malouf jump out to the lead early and he never looked back. On the white flag lap, Brad Scholze (87) and Weinfurter were fighting for 2nd when they made contact in turn 1 and the 87 went around.  The race was completed as the white flag had flown, and the 87 and 24 were placed in the back of the field for the caution. Malouf took 1st, Raykowski 2nd, Matt Ciesielski (21) 3rd, John Zuch (8) and Marv Flick (90) rounded out the top 5. In the points, Malouf is currently the leader by 5 over Weinfurter.

The Element Mobile Super Late Models had 3 heats again tonight. Darren Jackson (2), Chad Devine (54) and Jeremy Lepak (40) picked up those wins. The last chance race saw Natalie Decker (04) pick up the win over Jeff Weinfurter (3) and she was able to transfer into the main race. In the feature, Corey Jankowski (31) ran away from the field while Natalie Decker, Frank Nitzke (18) and Claire Decker (01) worked their way through the field. Two cautions flew for spins involving Gregorich and Wyatt Blashe (78) in turn 3 and Mark Eswein (71) and Lepak in turn 1. This cut the lead down for Jankowski, but he was able to hold of Natalie on the last lap for the win. Nitzke, Claire Decker and Mike Egan (44) wrapped up the top 5. Nitzke is currently the point leader by 11 over Natalie. Egan is 3rd 17 points out of the lead.  

The Rock 94.7 Pure Stock heat races went to Dan Weinfurter (4) and Jake Capek (81). The feature event was lead early by Weinfurter. Karl Genett (16K), Jake Capek (81) and fast timer Kyle Genett all were fast enough to get the front, but did not have enough to get past Weinfurter. Caution came out when Ethan Elgersma (12) spun in turn 4 directly in front of the leaders with 2 to go. It was a close call, but all avoided Ethan. Kyle Genett had 2 laps left, but just could not find a way around the Weinfurter car. Capek, Karl Genett and Dean Ashbacher (38) finished out the top 5. Kyle holds a slim 4 point lead in the points over Capek. 

4-Cylinder Stock heat winners on the night were Nikki Coulthurst (17) and Kelly Sankey. Three and 4 wide racing was again normal in the feature. Nikki jumped out to a huge lead early, but Sankey continued his winning ways with back to back feature wins making a last lap pass on Coulthurst. Fast timer Dillon Mackesy took 3rd, George Seliger (06) 4th and Jarrod Dolph (2) 5th. Sankey has a 26 point advantage over Seliger. 

In the Cruiser division, Carlson and Carlson (5.0) ran away with the win over Poeschel and Fourness (69) and Kuhn and Mancil (126).  Carlson and Carlson and Poeschel and Fourness are tied on top of the standings. 

The next event at Golden Sands Speedway is Friday June 20th for the Super Stocks, Element Mobile Super Late Models, Rock 94.7 Pure Stocks, 4-Cylinder Stocks and Cruisers. Gates open at 4:30, Time Trials at 6:30 and racing at 7:45.

Weinfurter, Nitzke, Capek and Sankey pocket wins at GSS


Story By: Brandon Aschenbrenner


Once again mother nature attempted to spoil the efforts of Golden Sands Speedway on Friday night, but she was unsuccessful. Rains came during the practice sessions, but qualifying was able to start right on time. It was Subway Sub Night and powder puff qualifier race #2. Nicky Johnston (5) dominated the powder puff race, taking home the win and advancing for a chance to win some jewelry from Paul Gross Jewelers.


Super Stock racing action began with Matt Raykowski (6) picking up fast time honors. Jake Capek (81), who ran double duty picked up the win in heat number 1 and Brian Weinfurter (24) grabbed the checkers in heat 2. In the feature event Marv Flick (90) jumped out to the early lead. Hard racing action back in the back caused the Weinfurter car to spin in turn 1 and Raykowski made contact with the back of the 24 car with his passenger side door. Both drivers were able to continue and Weinfurter ended up making a late pass on Flick to pick up the feature win. Brad Scholze (87) and Matt Ciesielski (21) were also involved in a caution after Scholze spun off of turn 2 and the 21 making hard contact to the right rear of the 87 ending both of their nights. Finishing second was Flick, 3rd Phil Malouf (32), then Tim Hintz (1) and John Zuch (8) rounded out the top 5.


Next on the track was the Element Mobile Super Late Models. Eugene Gregorich Jr. (14) qualified fastest on the night. Travis Volm (7-11), Matt Pyburn (71), another double duty driver tonight, and Jeff Weinfurter (3) all took home heat wins. There were enough cars for a last chance race in which the top 2 advanced and Chad Devine (54) and Jeff Weinfurter were able to run away and transfer into the feature event. Wyatt Blashe (78) took the lead early after starting first, but soon had Natalie Decker (04) complete the pass on him to take over the top spot. Fast Frank Nitzke (18) kept making his way to the from though and would soon take over the lead from Decker. Nitzke held on for the win over Decker, Mike Egan (44) picked up 3rd, Blashe 4th, and Gregorich 5th.


The Rock 94.7 Pure Stocks were happy to be back on the speedway for the first time this year, and the way they showed it was a lot of 3 wide racing action. Kyle Genett (16X) grabbed fast time. Mike Kasperek (08) and Dan Weinfurter (4) won the heat races. Jake Capek (81) was able to fend off the fast timer Kyle Genett and win the feature event. Carter Kauth (97) Karl Genett (16K) and Dean Ashbacher (38) was the rest of the top 5. A big crash in the feature saw unfortunate circumstances for the Scott Ciesielski (72) as he spun off of turn 2 from contact and ended up losing both left side wheels. One hopped the rail off the back stretch and the other rolled down just short of victory lane. Thankfully, Scott was unharmed.


The last class of the evening was the 4-Cylinder Stock class. The always exciting 3 and even 4 wide racing was back on track and looked familiar because Kelly Sankey (88), last year’s dominate champion picked up fast time. Brandon Polansky (8) and Cheri Kurth (07) took heat wins, but no one could stop Sankey again as he picked up the feature win. Brandon Knoblock (71) lost the right front tire on his machine coming out of turn 4 and made hard contact with the water barrels along the front stretch wall. Brandon was physically fine after the accident, but the car sustained heavy damage. The rest of the top 5 behind Sankey was George Seliger (06), Kurth, Mike Wegner (20) and Luke Betro (1).


The next event at Golden Sands Speedway is Friday June 13th for School’s Night Out! There will be kid’s stock car rides from 7:15pm – 7:30pm. Time trials will start early, at 6:15pm and the classes running will be the Super Stocks, Element Mobile Super Late Models, Pure Stocks, 4-Cylinder Stocks and Cruisers.

The TUNDRA Super Late Model Series was on hand for the second race of their season and Eugene Gregorich Jr. (14) took fast time. Michael Bilderback (2) won the feature event after holding off a hard-charging Gregorich. 

Also in action on Memorial Day were the American Super Cup cars. Most of these drivers are from Southern Wisconsin or Illinois. Golden Sands is like a super speedway for these cars as most of them ran full-throttle the whole way around. Mick Ellis (31), the president of the American Super Cup Series, picked up fast time honors. Brian Baldyga (4) took care of business by pulling away from the field in the heat. The feature event saw three wide action at the beginning, but ended very similar to the heat. Brian Baldyga won by almost half a track over Andy Forster (33), Rookie Derek Doer (20), Mick Ellis, Ken Jones (3) and Greg Davis (8).

The Wisconsin Sport Trucks, a division you can normally see run at Wisconsin International Speedway in Kaukauna, brought 13 trucks to Golden Sands Speedway. Bryan Monday (51) started off the day with fast time. Jake Boldig (77) and Cory Kemkes (1) both took wins in the heat races. The feature event got going with the fast trucks in the back making 4 and once even 5 wide passes on the front stretch. One driver specifically making huge moves was the 77 of Boldig. Jake was able to make his way to the front and pulled away from the field, but then had issues with 5 laps remaining and pulled into the pits. That gave the lead to Brian Vixmer (5) who hung on for the win. Bryan Monday, Hayden Watzka (12), Kemkes and Jason Plutz (96) rounded out the top 5.

The Vintage drivers put on a good show with 5 cars. The two fastest cars were Royce (4) and Rex (21) Rossier. Both drivers used to run Golden Sands Speedway on a weekly basis, but this time they were back in Vintage cars. Royce picked up fast time in the old Bob Jusola, 1970 Chevy Nova and Rex took home the feature win in his 1976 Chevy Camero. Bob Heine (80), Rodney Schuette (28) and Paul Dolphy (99) were the other 3 drivers that competed this weekend.

Wrapping up the Memorial Day Monday racing events was the 2-man cruisers. Wheelock and Kalata (73) were back once again to defend their championship from last year. They did that quickly and easily in the main event taking the lead on lap 2 and never looking back.  Finishing out the 5 car field were Helbach and Helbach (27), Poeschel and Fourness (69), Carlson and Carlson (5.0) and Baer and Baer (80).

The next event here at Golden Sands Speedway is Friday June 6th for Subway sub night and the Paul Gross Jewelers Powder Puff qualifier #2. The weekly Super Late Models, Super Stocks, Pure Stocks and 4 Cylinder Stocks will all be in action to get their season started.

Gates Open 4:30 pm - Time Trials 6:30 pm - Racing at 7:45 pm

Memorial Day

Pit Gates Open 10 am – Front Gates 11 am – Time Trials 1:15 pm – Racing 3:00 pm

Raindates TBA

Key – SLM (Super Late Models) SS (Super Stocks) PS (Pure Stocks)

4CS (4-Cylinders Stocks)


This is a tentative schedule!!!

Starting April 14th until April 30th teams may call the office to set up practice times by appointment only.  Practice days are Monday – Friday from 8am – 3pm.



Saturday April 26th – Tech Day/Practice for Pure Stocks & 4Cylinders Stocks 11am – 3pm


Saturday May 3rd – Tech Day/Practice for Super Late Models & Super Stocks 11am – 3pm 


Friday May 9th – Season Opener Races (SLM, SS, PS, 4CS)


Friday May 16th – Races (SLM, SS, PS, 4CS) & Cruisers


Monday Memorial Day May 26th – Super Late Model Special – Support Classes: Cruisers & TBA


Friday June 6th – Races (SLM, SS, PS, 4CS)


Friday June 13th – Races (SLM, SS, PS, 4CS) & Cruisers


Friday June 27th – FIREWORKS! Races (SLM, SS, PS, 4CS)


Friday July 11th - Races (SLM, SS, PS, 4CS) & Cruisers


Friday July 25th - Races (SLM, SS, PS, 4CS)


Friday August 1st - Races (SLM, SS, PS, 4CS) & Cruisers


Friday August 15th - Races (SLM, SS, PS, 4CS) & Cruisers


Friday August 29th – Season Championship Races (SLM, SS, PS, 4CS)


Eve of Devastation TBA – Cruiser Championship

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