Dalton Zehr Passes Colin Reffner For Lead At GSS Photo Courtesy Of Jeff Blaser

Zehr Continues His Winning Ways
Story By: Brandon Aschenbrenner

It was Fan Appreciation Night at Golden Sands Speedway and all normal divisions were in action. It was also Fey Printing Paper Airplane Contest night for the kids during intermission and the fans were rewarded with excitement during intermission and on the race track.

Leading off the night was the Super Stock class. Greg Back (6) took fast time for now the 3rd week in a row. In the feature, Rick Beyer (18) and Matt Komatz (33) lead the field to green. Beyer was able to lead early, but a yellow flag flew for Beyer and Brad Scholze (87) and would bunch the field back up. On the restart, Brian Weinfurter (24) would make his way to the front and capture the lead. A second caution would bring the field back together with 13 laps to go when contact occurred between Greg Back and John Zuch (8) in turn 2. On the restart, Weinfurter would try to put as much space as possible between himself and the rest of the field and succeeded in doing so.  Greg Back worked his way up through the field steadily until he made it to 2nd place, but ran out of laps as Weinfurter picked up his 2nd win of the year. Back would come home in 2nd place, with Matt Komatz, Matt Ciesielski (21) with his door barely hanging on from damage in the first caution and Brad Scholze also with damage finishing top 5. In the points, Weinfurter has a 9 point lead over Back.

The Late Models saw Reagan May (33) take fast time honors. After three heat races, Ryan Hinner (23), Mike Olson (64) in his first time back since a big wreck in week 1 and Steve Litchfield (32) all made their way to victory lane. The B-Feature was star studded with many big hitters and only two drivers making the A Main. Mark Eswein (71), Darren Jackson (2), Frank Nitzke (18) and Ryan Hinner were all lined up in the top 4 positions for most of the race. Eswein eventually made his way to the front for the win, but the last transfer spot was not settled until the final lap. Hinner and Nitzke were side by side and Darren Jackson looked to the inside and opened the lane on Hinner and made a pass out of turn 2 to grab the 2nd spot and move into the feature with Eswein. In the A-main, Dave Neitzke (06) and Chad Devine (54) lead the field to the green flag. Neitzke would pace the field early, but a caution would come out 8 laps into the race for contact between Justin Mondeik (44) and Steve Litchfield. On the restart, after almost completing a lap, Wyatt Blashe (78) and Dave Neitzke made contact in the front of the field off of turn 4 and caused Neitzke to spin. This would end Dave’s night and also Eugene Gregorich Jr suffered night ending damage. On the 2nd restart attempt, we got one lap completed and then MG Gajewski (22) slowed out of turn 2 to bring out another caution. Colin Reffner (87) would lead for the next laps until the very fast Dalton Zehr (7-11) car made his way past Reffner with 25 laps to go. Zehr would go on to win in a dominating performance with Natalie Decker (04), Reagan May, Colin Reffner and Jordan Thiel (2) rounding out the top 5. Zehr holds a point lead of 47 over Reagan May.

In the Pure Stocks, Dillon Mackesy (93) took fast time. Two heats would see Hunter Cramer (66) and Brock Heinrich (52) with victories. In the feature, it took 3 starts to finally get into a rhythm. The first caution was before 1 lap was completed when the whole field played bumper tag and a bumper came off in turn 3 and 4. The second start got 1 lap completed but then had Dave Lashua (01) and Carter Kauth (97) forced to the rear for causing a yellow. After a restart, 1 more lap was completed but again slowed for a spin on the front stretch sending Brandon Knoblock (71) and Kyle Genett (16X) to the rear. Finally the field settled a bit, and went back to green. During the race, it still was a hard fought battle with old school bomber style bumping and grinding on all of the cars. Hunter Cramer lead the field until the final laps when Louie Merriam (17) and Dillon Mackesy made their way around Cramer at the same time to move to 1st and 2nd. Mackesy would then fight off Merriam to pick up the feature win. Merriam would hold on to 2nd, Karl Genett (16K) made some headway in the upper grove to finish 3rd, Hunter Cramer fell back to 4th and Travis Volm took home 5th. Volm has a 22 point lead over Merriam with Mackesy in 3rd, 24 points out of the lead.

The 4-Cylinder open class did not qualify because of a small rain shower that hit the race track. Two heats would show Eric Robinson (2) and Scott Ciesielski (21) to winner’s circle. In heat 1, a big wreck occurred when Kiley Irwin (13) spun in turn 4 early in the race and Jenna Breitenfeldt (14) was not able to avoid the 13 car and made heavy contact ending the nights of both drivers. Both racers were not injured in that wreck. In the lower feature, it was all Eric Robinson as he took the lead and ran away from everyone going on to the easy win. Matt Van Pietersom (17) who we know as “Milky Way” took 2nd, Corey Stephens (3), Randy “Papa” Polansky (7) and Jim Belling (44) brought home top 5 finishes. In the upper feature, Ian Arneson (14) started near the back, but that would not last long as he was able to duck in and out of traffic and take the lead after 1 and a half laps. He would run away up front until Scott Ciesielski ran him down, but was not able to get to Arneson’s bumper.  Arneson picked up his first win and Ciesielski was relegated to 2nd, Keith Wosick (61), Jerad DeBoer (2) and Shawn Kemnetz (24) finished out the top 5.

The next event at Golden Sands Speedway is Friday, July 22nd. It’s Blu Play Café Kids Night with Kid’s stock car rides from 7:15 to 7:30 and a candy/penny drop and many special prizes. All of our divisions will be back in action including Late Models, Super Stocks, Pure Stocks, 4-Cylinders and Cruisers. Gates open at 4:30, Qualifying at 6:30 and Racing at 7:45.

Eugene Gregorich Jr. Wins At GSS Photo by: Jeff Blaser

Great Fireworks Display Follows Great Racing Action
By: Brandon Aschenbrenner

Another beautiful night of racing at Golden Sands Speedway took place on Friday and fans filled the seats to watch some wonderful racing action and also a spectacular fireworks show by Spielbauer and Skypainter Fireworks. Dakotah Meyer picked up the win in the Paul Gross Jewelers Powder Puff Challenge race and Robert Oium won the Burnout contest. The two-man cruisers were also back for a night and Ciesielski and Hill took the win in their 73 car.

For the Super Stock Division, it was Greg Back (6) taking fast time honors for the 2nd week in a row. In the feature, it would be Matt Komatz (33) leading early. John Zuch (8), the Baraboo native, would make his way around Komatz and start to pull away with 12 laps to go. Brian Weinfurter (24), last weeks feature winner and point leader, tried to run down Zuch in the final laps and got to the bumper, but could not execute a pass and Zuch would go on to pick up the feature victory. Weinfurter took 2nd, Back 3rd, Greg Matthews (8) 4th and Matt Ciesielski (21) 5th. In the Points, Weinfurter has a 4 point edge on Zuch with Back 5 points out of the lead.

In the Late Model division, Ryan Hinner (23) took fast time. In 3 heat races, Darren Jackson (2), Jake Capek (81) and Wyatt Blashe (78) would all find their way to victory lane. In the feature, Frank Nitzke (18) would make the move early to take the top spot, but a yellow would fly when Shane Smiley (15) had some issues that would make the car stop on the race track. Back to green found Nitzke and Eugene Gregorich Jr. (14) battling for 1st. Gregorich would prevail and set sail. With 23 laps to go, Dalton Zehr (7-11), last week’s feature winner, made his way past Mark Eswein (71) for the second spot and would start to run down Gregorich, but appeared like it would be a lost cause until a caution came out with 2 laps left when Reagan May (33) spun out in turn 2. On the single file restart, Gregorich held the bottom lane and was able to fend of Zehr to pick up the feature win. Zehr held onto 2nd, Steve Litchfield (32) ended up with a very solid 3rd place finish, Eswein 4th and Jordan Theil (2) 5th. In the standings, Zehr has a big 23 point lead on Gregorich.

The Pure Stocks graced the race track with some close hard racing once again and the fastest in qualifying for the 2nd week in a row was Brock Heinrich (52). In two heats, it would be Louie Merriam (17), who took the lead with 2 to go, and Chad Weis (0) the race fan sponsored car making their way to victory circle. In the feature, Mike Weinfurter (4) took the early lead and lead for 7 laps until Hunter Cramer (66) worked his way to the inside and took it away. Cramer and Merriam raced hard in the top two spots until the very fast Travis Volm (76) car made his way to the inside of Cramer and completed a 3 wide pass for the lead with 3 to go. Volm would hang on then for the win with Cramer, Weis, Merriam and Carter Kauth (97) rounding out the top 5. In the point standings, Volm has a very large 33 point lead over Merriam.

In the open 4-cylinder division, Ian Arneson (14) once again took quick time. In the heat races, Jarrod Dolph (13), Jerad DeBoer (2) and Arneson all picked up wins. In the Lower Feature, once the race got started, it would be Garret Strachota (77) working his way past Jarrod Dolph and cruising to his first ever feature win. Karley Kemnetz (18) and Dolph ended with car issues and were not able to finish the race. Taking 2nd to Strachota was Randy “Papa” Polansky (7) with Chris Boykins (12) 3rd, Matt VanPeterson (17) 4th and Josh Klopotek (181) 5th.
In the Upper Feature, Dale Robinson (2) started on pole and lead early. Greg Blount (22) worked his way up to the lead with 11 laps remaining. With 8 laps left, the sparks that were coming out of the Keith Wosick (61) car showed to be an issue with the right rear as his tire came off of the car in turns 1 and 2 and caused a caution. Back to green created the 3 fastest cars to appear in the front of the field once again. This week, George Seliger (06) was the one to be out front and he was able to hold on and pick up the win. Ian Arneson took home a 2nd place for the 2nd week in a row and Scott Ciesielski (21), last week’s winner, took 3rd. The rest of the top 5 in respective order was Dale Louze (9) and Greg Blount. In the point standings, there is a 3 way tie for the lead between Seliger, Arneson and Ciesielski.

Racing continues at Golden Sands Speedway on Friday July 8th and it is Fan Appreciation Night with ALL Fans getting in for $5! Also, it’s Fey Printing Paper Airplane Contest night. Gates open at 4:30, Time Trials at 6:30 and Racing at 7:45. Make sure to check us out on Facebook and our website at
www.gssraces.com for the most up to date information.

Zehr, Weinfurter, Genett Dominate; De Boer and Ciesielski Win
Story By: Brandon Aschenbrenner

It was Ho-Chunk Gaming Lucky 21 night and the first regular season event at Golden Sands Speedway for 2016. All normal divisions were in action. Brian Weinfurter cruised to the win in the Super Stocks, Dalton Zehr took care of business in the Late Models, Karl Genett took the high lane to the win in the Pure Stocks and Jerad De Boer and Scott Ciesielski picked up wins in the 4-cylinder open class.

Leading off the night was the Super Stock Class. Greg Back (6) took fast time in the Raykowski racing entry. In the heat race, Brian Weinfurter (24) made his way easily to victory lane after making so moves forward early. Greg Back was making his way forward until contact coming to the checkered flag with Matt Ciesielski (21) caused him to spin and would end with both cars scored in the back. In the feature, Weinfurter started on the pole after another car couldn’t make it to the start and proceeded to dominate the event leading all 25 laps. Greg Back took 2nd and looked to be the fastest car on the track, but some issues caused his No. 6 machine to stall out of turn 2 every now and again and kept him back in 2nd for the finish. John Zuch (8) held on to finish 3rd, Greg Matthews (8) 4th and Matt Komatz (33) 5th. Weinfurter will lead the points after their first night in 2016.

The Late Models were on track next with 27 cars taking time. Jordan Thiel (2) took fast time honors for his first time. Four heat races would find Wyatt Blashe (78), Jeff Weinfurter (3), Steve Litchfield (32) and Dalton Zehr (7-11) in victory lane. The B-Feature had the top two drivers advance to the A-main, and those would be Frank Nitzke (18) and Wyatt Blashe. The B-Feature featured a long caution however with contact for the lead between Mike Olson (64) and Jeff Weinfurter would cause both to spin in front of the whole field in turn 1 and left now where else for Monte Gress (80) to go except on top of Olson’s hood and into the side and top of Weinfurter’s car. All drivers were physically fine. In the A-main, Natalie Decker (04) took the early lead. Nine laps in, contact between MG Gajewski (22) and Wyatt Brooks (33) would bring out the first yellow flag. After going back to green for 2 laps, another caution would come out when Steve Litchfield spun in turn 4. On the restart, it was still Decker up front, but making his way through the field was Dalton Zehr. Zehr got around Decker and cruised to the victory. Natalie Decker held onto 2nd place, Reagan May (33) remained solidly in 3rd, Eugene Gregorich Jr. (14) made his way up to 4th and Mark Eswein (71) rounded out the top 5. Zehr will take the point lead into night 2.

In the Pure Stocks, Brock Heinrich (52) took fast time. Two heats would bring Hunter Cramer (66) and Kyle Genett (16X) to victory lane. In the feature Kurtis Wosick (61) grabbed the early lead and tried to put as much room as possible between himself and the field. Karl Genett (16K) however found the high lane and made his way to the front. Caution came out with 18 to go when Louie Merriam (17) spun in turn 4. After going back to racing, Karl was able to work past Wosick and would hang on to the top position for the rest of the night. Travis Volm (76) took 2nd, Wosick ended up 3rd, Dillon Mackesy (93) took 4th and Kyle Genett 5th. Karl is the point leader after night 1.

The open 4-Cylinder open class once again had a great field of cars. Ian Arneson (14) took quick time. Jerad De Boer (2), Jimmer Lietz (93) and John Lietz (92) all snagged heat wins. In the lower feature, things got crazy early. Corey Stephens (3) found himself upside down in the sand to the top of turns 3 and 4 after contact with a few different cars. After a few more laps, Brandon Polansky (287) brought out a yellow out of turn 2. When we got back to green, De Boer was out front and kept it there. Jenna Breitenfeldt (14) tried to run him down, but ended up running out of time. De Boer went on to win his first ever 4-cylinder feature. Breitenfeldt took 2nd for her first time at GSS, Tim Finstad (33) took 3rd, Randy Polansky (7) 4th and Karley Kemnetz (18) 5th, another first time racer. In the Upper Feature, Scott Ciesielski (21) got an early jump and took the lead early. George Seliger (06) and Ian Arneson made their way to the front as well and battled it out to the end for the win. Ciesielski would hold on to pick up the win, Arneson took 2nd, Seliger 3rd, Dale Louze (9) 4th and John Lietz (92) 5th.

The next event at Golden Sands Speedway is Friday, June 24th. We will have a burn out contest and fireworks as well as all of our divisions in action including the return of the cruisers! Gates open at 4:30, Qualifying at 6:30 and Racing at 7:45.





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