2017 Golden Sands Speedway Schedule
Photo By: Jeff Blaser

Track Champions Crowned at Golden Sands Speedway
Story By: Brandon Aschenbrenner

Friday was the final regular season points night at Golden Sands Speedway for the 2017 season. All of the divisions would include multiple drivers with a mathematical chance to win the championship. Some divisions even started with only a single digit difference. The cruiser class ran their championship with Kuhn and Mancil (126) picking up the feature win with a last corner bump and run. Kuhn and Mancil also picked up the season title.

In Super Stock action, Greg Back (6) took fast time on his birthday. In the heat race, John Zuch (8) took the win. In the feature, Rick Beyer (18) and Brad Schulze (87) raced hard near the front of the field early. Matt Komatz (33) would lead the first four laps until Lucas Betro (1) muscled past Komatz. Zuch would take the lead one lap later and try to get away. With sixteen laps left, Greg Matthews (8) made the move to the lead and brought Brian Weinfurter (24) along with him. Back was able to catch the top two late in the race, but Matthews would pick up the win and maximum feature points with Weinfurter, Back, Zuch and Travis Volm (76) finishing top five. That finish for Volm would be enough to secure the 2017 track championship by 17 points over Matthews. Back, Weinfurter and Schulze took top 5 in the points. Volm also took the Rookie of the Year title.

In the Back 40 Wraps Super Late Models, Mike Olson (64) took fast time honors for his first time. In two heat races, Jerry Brickner (9) and Jordan Thiel (2) made it to victory lane. In the feature, Justin Mondeik (44) grabbed the early lead. Almost ten laps in and Brickner made the pass for the top spot. Brickner began to set sail. With 24 laps remaining however, caution would fly when contact with Theil and Darren Jackson (2) sent them to the back of the field. On the attempted restart, Jake Capek (81) and Mike Lichtfeld (44) made contact in turn one and both of them would be relegated to the rear. After the next restart, Brickner lost the lead to Mark Eswein (71) and Eswein would start to pull away. Theil, worked his way through the field and soon was to the bumper of Eswein. Theil was able to make the late pass and he would go on to double down winning two features in as many weeks at GSS. Eswein would hang on for second. Olson, Brickner and Lichtfeld rounded out the top five. In the points, Eswein came into the night behind Lichtfeld by 2 and he would end up winning the championship by 5 points. Theil ended up 3rd in points, only 9 points out of first. Jerry Brickner and Wyatt Brooks finished in the top five in points with Brickner crowned Rookie of the Year.

In the Pure Stocks, joined again by the Central Wisconsin Steel Frame Challenge Series, Karl Genett (16K) took quick time. Alex Volm (13) and Kyle Genett (16X) won the heat races. In the feature event, Travis Volm (76) was able to snag the lead on lap one from the front row. Behind him, the racing was furious, as always with 3 wide racing sorting out the field. Karl Genett made his way up to second with 17 laps left and Mitch Stankowski (19) would follow suit moving past Louie Merriam (17) for 3rd. Karl Genett reeled in Volm, but was not able to make a pass for the lead as Volm would pick up the win. Karl would take second with Stankowski taking third. Merriam and Kyle Genett finished out the top five. In the series points, Karl Genett secured the championship over Volm and Stankowski moved into 3rd over Dillon Mackesy (93). Points were also calculated separately for the normal track standings. Stankowski had a sweep and pulled out the track championship and Rookie of the year honors. Merriam took 2nd in track points and Mark Kalata (75x) took 3rd.

In Four-cylinder Stocks Rayce Haase (02) picked up fast time in his first appearance at Golden Sands. Outlaw fast timer was Scott Ciesielski (21). In the heat races, Tom Elsinger Jr. (33) and Brett Breitenfeldt (7) won in the stocks and outlaws was Ian Arneson (14). In the feature event, early contact to Brandon Polansky (287) would cut his tire, similar to what happened in the heat, and end his feature race. That allowed Rayce Haase to capitalize and win the feature with Elsinger, who led quite a few laps, holding 2nd. Breitenfeldt was third with Kaleb Hurless (13) and Karley Kemnetz (18) taking top fives. In the Outlaws, Arneson led most of the laps until mechanical issues forced him out and the freshly engaged Ciesielski would take the victory. In the point standings, Breitenfeldt held off Polansky for the championship in the stocks and Arneson would hold on to the championship over Ciesielski in the outlaws.

The next event at Golden Sands Speedway is the ever popular Eve of Devastation on Friday September 29th. Eve events start at 7:00. The last event will be the Harvest event on Saturday October 28. Follow along on Facebook and/or

Photo By: Jeff Blaser

Point Battles Shape Up for Season Championships
Story By: Brandon Aschenbrenner

Friday kicked off three straight weeks of events at Golden Sands Speedway. This race, Ladies’ Night, provided shirts to all ladies entering the gate thanks to Jolly Good. Brooks and Thiel Motorsports also helped out by handing out the shirts and some additional prize give aways for the ladies. It was also the second to last night for the season point championship.

In Super Stock action, Greg Back (6) took fast time once again. In the heat races, Mark Bubloni (24) and Greg Matthews (8) took wins. In the feature, Mark and Mike Bubloni (14) brought the field to green. Mark was able to lead and fend off Jeremy Schuelke (15) for the early laps. Schuelke fell behind after that and John Zuch (8) took over the lead. With nine laps to go, caution flew when Matt Komatz (33) spun out in turn four. On the start, Zuch and Brian Weinfurter (24) were set to fight for the win. But contact between those two caused a pile up in turn four and collected Matthews. Matthews stopped to avoid the wreck, so he would end up not losing his position. Another restart then another caution one lap later when Schuelke and Rick Beyer (18) spun on the backstretch. On the final restart with five laps to go Back was able to muscle away the lead and he would pick up the victory. Matthews would hold onto second with Brad Scholze (87) picking up third and Travis Volm (76) fourth. In the standings, Volm came into the night with a 40 point lead and will take a 30 point edge into championship night next week over Matthews.

In the Back 40 Wraps Super Late Models, Darren Jackson (2) took fast time honors for his first time. In two heat races, Ted Reichenberger (20) and Jordan Thiel (2) made it to victory lane. In the feature, Steve Lichtfeld (32), fresh off repairs from a bad wreck in the Tundra race, led the first few laps. Justin Mondeik (44) stole the spot away. Mondeik lead until Thiel was able to catch and pass Mondeik. Thiel would set sail and run away from the pack. Dalton Zehr (7-11) was on the way towards the front and made it to second with thirteen laps remaining, but would run out of time as Thiel would go on and pick up his first ever super late model feature win. Zehr took second with Mike Olson (64), Wyatt Brooks (25) and Mark Eswein (71) rounding out the top five. Mike Lichtfeld (44) came in the point leader by 11 and now only leads by two points over Eswein. Thiel jumped to third in points now, 21 out of first.

In the Pure Stocks Mitch Stankowski (19) took quick time again. Stankowski also got the heat win. In the feature, after a wild and crazy start, which is becoming commonplace, Kurtis Wosick (61) came away with the lead. With fifteen laps remaining, Stankowski made the move on Wosick and brought Louie Merriam (17) and Mark Kalata (75x) along with him. Stankowski held off Merriam, who had to make repairs after practice and Stankowski took the checkered flag. Merriam held onto second with Kalata taking third. Wosick and Hunter Cramer (66) took top fives. In the points, Stankowski leads Kalata by 15 and Merriam by 17. Stankowski also donated the night's winnings to the Jeff Wohlrabe Memorial fund.

In Four-cylinder Stocks visitor Steve Rozek (3r) took quick time. More visitors, Paul Finch (3) and Abe Bires (1) picked up heat wins. In the feature, three and four wide racing took place again with Bires being the beneficiary as he was able to get to the lead and but a ton of room between himself and the field. Bires was able to go on and win with Dan Rozek (77), Chris Tolliver (112), Brandon Polansky (287) and Kaleb Hurless (13) finishing out the top five. Brett Breitenfeldt (7) holds a slim one point lead on Polansky. Outlaw four-cylinders saw Ian Arneson (14) get fast time. Ron Coppernoll (72) took the heat win and Arneson grabbed the feature win. Keith Kemnetz (37) finished second in the feature. Arneson took the point lead now that Scott Ciesielski (21) had issues and was not able to race.

The next race at Golden Sands Speedway is Friday September 22nd for Season Championship night in all divisions, including the Central Wisconsin Steel Frame Challenge series and cruisers. Gates Open at 5, Time Trials at 6:30 and Racing at 7:45. Follow along on Facebook and/or

First Time at Golden Sands Speedway for ARCA Midwest Tour and Modifieds Leaves Fans Entertained
Story By: Brandon Aschenbrenner

Golden Sands Speedway held a special event on Saturday this week and brought in the ARCA Midwest Tour Super Late Models and Modified class, for their first time ever, and also had a Pure Stock class in action. The ARCA Midwest Tour recap and results can be found on their website;
http://midwesttour.racing/ or on their Facebook page.

In Modified action, Matthew Clossey (16) took fast time turning a 13.331. In the heat, Denny Schott (3) pulled into victory lane after a convincing win. In the thirty lap feature, Kyle Ambroziak (12) was one of the dirt modifieds in the field, and you could tell. Making it very exciting for fans, Ambroziak was only on three and sometimes two and a half wheels around the turns. He was able to lead the early ten laps until Rick Coppernoll (7) caught and passed Ambroziak. Two more cars working through the field were Clossey, the fast qualifier, and Tyler Sauter (14). Coppernoll did not waste time once he got the lead and pulled away from the field. Solid racing between Ambroziak and Clossey got a little too close for comfort at points, but they continued to race hard throughout the feature. With only two laps left, Nick Qwinnell (5) spun on the front stretch. On the restart, Coppernoll maintained his lead and would go on to pick up the win. Ambroziak and Clossey again raced hard for second and third and would finish that way respectfully. Tyler Sauter took home a fourth place finish and Dan Howard (25) took fifth.

In the Pure Stocks, Travis Volm (76) took fast time. In the heat race, all eight cars were in a very tight group and three wide racing was the norm. For five laps cars were three wide and at one point four wide in a very exciting heat race. Chad Weis (0) would prevail in the end winning the race. The feature began with a little more order it seemed, but Weis was again able take the lead and started to check away a bit. Travis Volm and Mitch Stankowski (19), regulars weekly at GSS, made the outside passes on the rest of the field to make their way to the front. A late caution would bunch everything back up after Carson Sillars (2) got too high out of turn four and punched the barrels on the front stretch wall. After the restart, Kyle Genett (16X) would steal second away from Stankowski, but it would be Volm taking the feature victory. Genett stayed second, Stankowski third, Weis fourth and Jeremy Kemnetz (75x) in fifth. Jim Wolf (7), Warren Bartelt (60) and Sillars rounded out the field.

The next event at Golden Sands Speedway is Friday August 25th with all normal divisions in action. Also racing will be the increasingly popular Upper Midwest Vintage racers. Gates open at 5:00, Time Trials at 6:30 with racing at 7:45. Follow along on Facebook, Twitter and/or

Photo By: Jeff Blaser

CWRA Late Models and Buses Highlight Action at Golden Sands Speedway
Story By: Brandon Aschenbrenner

Golden Sands Speedway featured a great night of racing action including have the CWRA Late Models back on track for two feature events. Also, the normal track
Super Late Models were in action, along with the Super Stocks, Pure Stocks, Four-Cylinder Stocks and Outlaws and then to top it all off a bus race. Also highlighting the night was a visit from Bango, the Rim Rockers halftime show and the Milwaukee Bucks Dancers, all normal staples during Milwaukee Buck’s games. CWRA Features were won by Mark Mackesy and Jeff Weinfurter. Full story and details can be found on the CWRA Facebook page.

In Super Stock Action, Greg Back (6) took fast time once again. In heat racing, Brad Scholze (87) and Travis Volm (76) took wins. In the feature, Matt Komatz (33) led the early laps. After a bit, Brian Weinfurter (24) turned up the pressure and made a strong run to the lead without looking back. Weinfurter would prevail for the win. Volm and Back took second and third with Scholze and Greg Matthews (8) rounding out the top five. Volm is the current point leader.

In the Super Late Models, Mark Eswein (71) got quick time. Frank Nitzke (18), Justin Mondeik (44) and Jordan Thiel (2) got heat wins. In the feature, Wyatt Brooks (25) would pace the field early. Caution flew with 33 laps remaining after contact occurred between Jake Capek (81) and Haley Kapp (32). Brooks continued to lead after the restart, but Jerry Brickner (9) started to reel in Brooks. With 20 laps to go, Brooks car almost spun and a part failure would cause an early end to his night and his great run. Brickner would take over the lead and attempted to pull away, which worked until the last 5 laps when Eswein closed in on Brickner. Eswein got to the bumper, but was not able to make a move and get past the first time feature winner in a Super Late Model, Jerry Brickner. Eswein took second, Mike Olson (64) third, Mike Lichtfeld (44) fourth and Theil fifth. Lichtfeld hold a slim point lead over Eswein.

In the Pure Stocks, Mitch Stankowski (19) took fast time again. Hunter Cramer (66) and Stankowski took wins in the heat races. In the feature, it would be the Stankowski show. Starting in the back and looking for his first clean sweep on the asphalt he worked his way through traffic and was able to take the lead and cruise home to the victory. Mark Kalata (75x), Louie Merriam (17), Wayne Mackesy (17), driving the other Merriam car and Brandon Knoblock (71) finished in the top 5 spots. Stankowski also increased his points lead on the season with his performance.

In Four-Cylinder Stock racing, Shawn Kemnetz (24) got quick time for his third time this season and Ian Arneson (14) was quickest in Four-Cylinder Outlaw qualifying. Two heats for the stocks would find Nikki Coulthurst (17) and Ron Coppernoll (72), a first time visitor at GSS, to victory lane. The Outlaw heat was won by Arneson. In the feature, all 16 stocks and outlaws took the green flag and it was a jail break at the start and throughout the first few laps. Back and forth racing in the Outlaw class would end with birthday boy, Scott Ciesielski (21) winning over Arneson with Keith Kemnetz (37) taking third. In the stocks, Coppernoll was the man who was able to weave his way through the field and avoid any run ins enroute to a feature victory. Brandon Polansky (287), Brett Breitenfeldt (7), Shawn Kemnetz (24) and Isiah Rowe (96) rounded out the top fives in the stock class. Polansky leads the stock points and Ciesielski leads the Outlaw point standings.

Finishing off the race night was the crazy guys, and two ladies, one in a dress, racing buses around Golden Sands Speedway. Davey Duke, driving the 01 orange bus took the win. Local convict, Bobby Bailjumper was on the tails of Duke until he thought he say police lights coming after him causing him to almost lose control of his bus. Mrs. Frizzle, the Magic School bus teacher, Princess Jordina, in the pink bus, and Billy Ray Cyrus III all had busses out to compete for the win, but no one had anything for Davey Duke in them cut off jeans.

The next event at Golden Sands Speedway is a special Saturday, August 12th with the ARCA Midwest Tour Super Late Models making their first visit to Golden Sands Speedway. Joining them will be the open wheel modified division, some dirt and asphalt cars and another support class. Qualifying will start at 5 with racing at 7. Follow along on Facebook, Twitter and/or

Photo By: Jeff Blaser

Wisconsin Challenge Series Super Late Models Invade GSS
Story By: Brandon Aschenbrenner

The Wisconsin Challenge Series, a 4 race, big money series featuring races at all four UMA Central Wisconsin tracks of State Park, Dells Golden Sands and Marshfield speedways took to the track for event number 3. Dalton Zehr and Andrew Morrissey both took wins at SPS and DRP respectfully. A big money race would take place along with more bonus money thanks to Assembly Products and all the great sponsors. Also Checks Muffler and Plainfield Firefighters Jamboree put up some extra cash for the Super Stocks and Pure Stocks with no points awarded to any weekly divisions tonight.

In Super Stock Action, Greg Back (6) took fast time yet again to celebrate car owner Kathy Raykowski’s birthday. In heat racing, Brian Weinfurter (24) cruised to the win. In the feature, it would take Weinfurter only five laps to take the lead and maintain it the entire race going on for the feature victory. A good race took place for second as Travis Volm (76) and Back raced side by side and bumper to bumper for much of the event. Volm would capture second with Back third and John Zuch (8) and Matt Komatz (33) taking home top five finishes.

In the WCS Super Late Models, Chris Weinkauf (75) got quick time with a very fast 12.188. The eight cars that did not qualify in the top ten raced in a heat race where they would start in the order they would finish. Jeremy Lepak (40) took the lead from Derek Kraus (9) on the start and pulled away. The top ten qualifiers would run a dash for cash and the positions they finish was also how they would start the feature.  MG Gajewski (22) would rein victorious and win the cash and the pole. In the feature, Gajewski was able to lead early. Casey Johnson (5) made the inside move on Gajewski after eighteen laps and they raced side by side for 2 laps until Johnson prevailed and brought Chris Weinkauf with him. Wyatt Brooks (25) would soon follow those two and take third. With forty-seven laps left on the scoreboard, Chris Weinkauf would take the lead from Johnson and set the sails. Caution would slow things down with thirty-six laps left when Tyler Radavich (13) spun out of turn four. On the restart, Chris Weinkauf got out to the lead again and never turned back cruising to a strong victory in the seventy-five lap feature. Johnson was able to keep Brooks behind him for second and third, while Mike Lichtfeld (44) ran his way up to fourth and Lepak, passing the most cars and getting a bonus, took fifth. Mark Eswein (71), Dalton Zehr (7-11), Gajewski, Darren Jackson (2) and Jason Weinkauf (76) finished in the top ten.

In the Pure Stocks, Mitch Stankowski (19) took fast time for the second week in a row. The heat would start three-wide and it would be Louie Merriam (17) finding his way to victory lane. In the feature, the three cars again would start side by side by side and it would again be Merriam holding off the others and taking the win. Stankowski would sneak in to take second with Mark Kalata (75X) taking third.

In Four-Cylinder Stock racing, Shawn Kemnetz (24) got quick time for his second time. The heat race would be won by Brandon Polansky (287) after a crazy three wide start. Kyle Check (33) and Karley Kemnetz (18) made contact but were able to race in the feature. In the feature event, Nikki Coulthurst (17) lead lap one with Brett Breitenfeldt (7) taking the lead on lap 2 until caution would wave when Polansky got crossed up in turn three and corrected into Isiah Rowe (96) making hard contact and sending Rowe into the sand outside of turn four. After two tow trucks worked to remove Rowe from the sandy area, he was able to drive away from the scene and would be able to continue the race. On the restart, Shawn Kemnetz would be the leader and looked to have the win secured after a few weeks of mechanical gremlins, in turn four of the last lap with the checkered flag in the air, Kemnetz’s car shut off and Rowe was right there to capitalize and won the race by a nose. Kemnetz did cross the line second with Breitenfeldt, Polansky and Coulthurst finishing in the top five.

The Four-Cylinder Outlaw class saw Scott Ciesielski (21) pick up fast time. Ian Arneson (14) won the heat race over Ciesielski and created a replay in the feature. Arneson with the win, Ciesielski second and Keith Kemnetz (37) taking third.

The next event at Golden Sands Speedway is Friday, August 4th it will be the CWRA Super Late Models with all of our weekly divisions, and school bus racing! Gates Open at 5, Time Trials at 6:30 and Racing at 7:45. Follow along on Facebook and/or www.gssraces.com.

Photo By: Jeff Blaser

Full Event Card, Full Moon, Full Stands at Golden Sands Speedway

Story By: Brandon Aschenbrenner

Golden Sands Speedway held the Guns N’ Hoses and Salute to Troops event on Friday night. All military, past and present, were granted free admission and special races were held pitting Portage County Sherriff, Stevens Point Fire, Stevens Point Police and Plover Police Departments against each other in the Guns N’ Hoses races. Art Dahms and Duston Holton, both with Stevens Point fire, would win their heat races. Dustin Kitzman and Craig Loiselle of Portage County Sherriff Department won their heats. So the deciding factor came down to the Chief’s race and Portage County Sherriff Mike Lukas took the win and handed the overall win to the law enforcement team. Also on the night, bikes were given away to kids thanks to donations from the racing teams.

In Super Stock Action, Greg Back (6) took fast time once again and got to wish his son a happy birthday. In heat racing, Greg Matthews (8) passed Jeremy Schuelke (15) on the final turn to take the win as Schuelke in turn got too far off the race track and struck the water barrels in front of the front stretch wall. Rachael Kallas (70) was able to fend off Brian Weinfurter (24) to win heat two. In the feature, eight laps in would see the first caution. Schuelke got sideways out of turn two and collected Rob Grabarski (04). More green flag laps would count until with twelve laps left contact between Brad Scholze (87) and Back caused the Back car to spin in front of the field. The restart would see Travis Volm (76) get a great start and he would go on to pick up the feature victory. Kallas had a strong run finishing second. Matthews, Weinfurter and Back would round out the top 5. Volm took over the point lead now from Matthews as well.

In the Super Late Models, Mike Lichtfeld (44) got quick time. Frank Nitzke (18) and Jordan Thiel (2) got heat wins. In an action packed feature, Steve Lichtfeld (32) was able to capture the lead five laps into the race. After twenty green flag laps, a spin after contact between Darren Jackson (2) and Wyatt Brooks (33) would slow things down. Back to green for fifteen more laps, until Chad Devine (54) spun in turn four. On the restart the racing started to pick up some more. Ernie Schlough (7-11), Mark Eswein (71) and Steve Lichtfeld would all race hard for the top three spots, however, their racing would cause Schlough and Eswein to fall back in the closing laps. Steve Lichtfeld would carry on up front and he would pick up his first ever Super Late Model feature. Jerry Brickner (9) ended up with a very strong second place run. Mike Lichtfeld motored up to third. Eswein and Schlough would take top fives. Mike Lichtfeld was able to gain some more points in the standings as the leader at this time.

In the Pure Stocks, joined tonight with the Central Wisconsin Steel Frame Challenge Series, saw Mitch Stankowski (19) take fast time. Two hard fought heats would find Butchie Schramm (25) and Mark Kalata (75x) in victory lane. In the feature,  the start would be halted when Alex Volm (13) and Becky Grabarski (13) made contact in turn one spinning Grabarski in front of the field. Everyone would avoid the spinning car and back to green would see Karl Genett (16K) take to the outside and work his way to the early lead. With only seven laps remaining, contact between Brandon Knoblock (71) and Schramm would cause Knoblock to spin. Attempting to restart would be hindered by water from Kurtis Wosick’s (61) car and he would be black-flagged. Back to racing and Karl Genett left no doubt as he had a large lead and picked up his second feature in the three CWSFCS races that have been raced so far. Dillon Mackesy (93), Louie Merriam (17), Stankowski and Travis Volm (76) took top five finishes. Stankowski maintains the point lead on the season.

In Four-Cylinder Stock racing, Shawn Kemnetz (24) got quick time for his first time this season. The feature would see some real close racing with the top four of Isiah Rowe (96), Brandon Polansky (287), Brett Breitenfeldt (7) and Kemnetz. In the end however, Rowe would go on to pick up his first ever feature win. Polansky, Breitenfeldt and Kemnetz would take top fours. Kemnetz had a partial issue on the car losing power with a few laps left in the race, but then got it fixed until the last turn of the last lap when he slowed down again. Kyle Check (33) would hold on to round out the top five. 

The Four-Cylinder Outlaw class saw Ian Arneson (14) pick up fast time. George Seliger (06) lead most of the feature until with three laps to go, contact with Scott Ciesielski (21) and Seliger would spin Seliger around in turn four and collect Arneson and end his night. Back to racing would next find an issue on Keith Wosick’s (61) car as he lost his right front tire. The race would end on that note with Ciesielski, Seliger and Keith Kemnetz (37) the last cars under power. Ciesielski should move into the point lead.

The INEX Legend cars joined us as well for their first time at GSS. Brady Rhode (4) took fast time. Ryan Weyer (12) and Max McNamara (41) snagged heat wins. Riley Stenjen (77) was able to lead most of the race and pocket a rather easy victory over McNamara. Weyer, Frank Beutel (74) and Mark Ritger (1) finished out the top five.

In two man cruiser action Tyler Kalata and Mike Helbach (02) took the win in an exciting race. Walter Mancil and Joey Kuhn (126) took second and Mark and Scott Ciesielski (73) took third.

The next event at Golden Sands Speedway is Friday, July 14th it is the Wisconsin Challenge Series Super Late Models and all our normal divisions in action. Gates Open at 5, Time Trials at 6:30 and Racing at 7:45. Follow along on Facebook and/or www.gssraces.com.

Photo By: Jeff Blaser

Awesome Support Shown For Albert Getzloff Memorial
Story By: Brandon Aschenbrenner

Golden Sands Speedway honored a great man on Friday night with the inaugural Albert Getzloff Memorial. Albert sold tires pretty much at every single track in Central Wisconsin and was always the source of humor and energy in the pit area. We lost our dear friend in early June of 2016. The CWRA Super Late Models made their first trip of the season to Golden Sands to honor Albert and their results will be available on their website/Facebook page.

In Super Stock Action, Greg Back (6) retained his title as the fastest qualifier. In the first heat race, some crazy racing action took place with Lucas Betro (1), Jeremy Schuelke (15) and Rick Beyer (18). Betro would retire from the heat early and Schuelke and Beyer would fight through the rest of the event, but Andy Casavant (117) picked up the heat win. In heat two, some really close racing action would end with Gregg Matthews (8) picking up where he left off last race, in victory lane. The feature was another great close race. Brian Weinfurter (24) was able to make it to the lead only five laps into the race. Weinfurter did what he could to set the sail and cruise to a win. However, with three laps left, lap traffic almost wrecked the leader of Weinfurter. That allowed Back to sneak to the inside and steal the lead away. Back would continue on and cross the line first, but would later fail post-race inspection. Weinfurter, who crossed second, would then be awarded the win. Brad Scholze (87), Casavant, Matt Komatz (33) and Schuelke finished top five. Travis Volm (76), Matthews and Betro would all be forced to retire with mechanical issues and did not finish the feature.

In the Pure Stocks, Mark Kalata (75X) took fast time for the second race in a row. One heat would find Louie Merriam (17) in victory lane after 3 and even 4 wide racing took place. In the feature, the pure stocks put on a show, once again, and great close racing took place. With three laps to go, contact between Hunter Cramer (66) and Brandon Knoblock (71) caused Knoblock to spin and then collected Cramer and the contact caused Cramer’s axle to break and would retire him from the event. A three lap shootout would find Merriam holding off Kalata in a very close battle. Mitch Stankowski (19) took a third place finish with Ron Grabarski (13) and Knoblock picking up top five finishes.

In Four-Cylinder Stock racing, Brett Breitenfeldt (7) got quick time for his second race in a row. The heat races would be conquered by first time racers at GSS, Paul Finch (3) and Tom Ensinger Jr (33). The fifteen car feature would start with more wild and crazy racing with three and four and at one point a few seconds of five wide racing. Another visitor for the first time this year, Dan Rozek (77) would take an early lead and set the pace for the entire time. Garret Strachota (77) battled with Finch most of the race and picked up second place. Finch, Breitenfeldt and Brandon Polansky (287) rounded out the top five.

The Four-Cylinder Outlaw class saw George Seliger (06) pick up fast time for his first time on the season. Scott Ciesielski (21) grabbed the heat win. The feature started with three wide racing at the green flag and contact between Keith Wosick (61) and Barry Tolliver (112) causing them to lose ground and also hurting Ciesielski’s momentum. That allowed Tim Hintz (1), Seliger and Ian Arneson (14) to check away from everyone else. Hintz would hold off all challengers and pick up the win with Seliger settling for second. Ciesielski made it back to third topping Arneson and Tolliver and Wosick finished out the field. 

The next event at Golden Sands Speedway is Friday, July 7th. It’s Salute to Troops night featuring Guns N’ Hoses racing where local firefighters will race against local law enforcement to raise money for military veterans. Free admission for all active service members and veterans with military ID. All of our weekly divisions will be in action along with the Central Wisconsin Steel Frame Challenge Series Pure Stocks. Gates Open at 5, Time Trials at 6:30 and Racing at 7:45. Follow along on Facebook and/or www.gssrace.com.


First Time Winners Capture Headlines


Story by: Brandon Aschenbrenner


June 9th at Golden Sands Speedway could have been called First Time Winner night. Greg Matthews, Wyatt Brooks, Mitch Stankowski and Brett Breitenfeldt all won their first features at Golden Sands Speedway.


In Super Stock action, Greg Back (6) took fast time after getting a transponder to read correctly. In the heat race, Greg Matthews (8) took the win. In the feature, Lucas Betro (1) and Brad Scholze (87) both took turns leading some laps until Matthews was able to take it away. Back was closing in on the lead, but with five laps to go, the engine expired on his car. That would allow Matthews to hold on for his first feature win. Travis Volm (76) took second with John Zuch (8), Scholze and Matt Komatz (33) finishing top five.


The Back 40 Wraps Super Late Models had Mark Eswein (71) capture fast time. Steve Lichtfeld (32), Colin Reffner (87) and Ernie Schlough (7-11) all took heat wins. The third heat is where contact between Mike Olson (64) and Darren Jackson (2) at the start of the race caused a lot of damage and Olson would not be able to complete the night. In the feature, Reffner was able to lead early and ran away from the field. Caution came out when contact between Mike Lichtfeld (44), Darren Jackson and Rene Scheinoha (5) would all be involved. On that restart, more damage was done when Jerry Brickner (9) and Frank Nitzke (18) touched and Eugene Gregorich III (14), Haley Kapp (32) and Tyler Radovich (13) all got collected and would not be able to continue. After two green laps were run, another caution flew when Schlough spun after contact with Jake Capek (81). Wyatt Brooks (25) began to challenge Reffner when the green went back out and Brooks took the lead. Brooks’ teammate Jordan Theil (2) would then challenge for the top spot as well. On the white flag lap, Mike Lichtfeld was able to steal second when Theil slipped high out of turn two. It would however finish with Brooks who picked up his first Super Late Model feature win. Lichtfeld and Theil took second and third, with Eswein and Nitzke rounding out the top five.


The Pure Stocks would be paced by Mark Kalata (75x) who took quick time. Mitch Stankowski (19) took the win in the heat race. The feature would see the same as the heat with Stankowski picking up the feature win, his first at Golden Sands Speedway. Kalata took second, Louie Merriam (17) third, Brandon Knoblock (71) fourth and Hunter Cramer (66) fifth.


The Modified Four-Cylinder class saw Scott Ciesielski (21) take fast time. Ian Arneson (14) snagged the win in the heat. In the feature, Arneson used the outside to make a three-wide pass to get to the lead and he would hold off Ciesielski and grab the win. George Seliger (06), Charlie Nickel (12) and Josh Klopotek (181) rounded out the field.


The Stock Four-Cylinder class found Brett Breitenfeldt (14) fastest in qualifying. Brandon Polansky (287) made it to victory lane in the heat race. In the feature event. Breitenfeldt was able to get away from the pack early and looked to have it easy, but lap traffic allowed Shawn Kemnetz (24) to close up to his bumper. Breitenfeldt was able to hold him off by going three wide around the lap cars and picked up the feature win. Kemnetz held onto second, Polansky third, and two ladies, Nikki Coulthurst (17) and Amanda Rowe (14) finished fourth and fifth.


The Two-man Cruiser division was back in action as well and usual suspects Kuhn and Mancil (126) won the race with Ciesielski and Ciesielski (73) taking second.


The next event at Golden Sands Speedway is Friday, June 23rd. It’s CWRA Super Late Models night and fireworks!!!

Photo By: Jeff Blaser

Dick Trickle Memorial Dodges Mother Nature
Story By: Brandon Aschenbrenner

A Memorial Day tradition continued in 2017 with the Dick Trickle Memorial race at Golden Sands Speedway. Twenty-five Super Late Model drivers were drafted into teams of five. The five teams were named for and captained by Central Wisconsin Racing Legends; Team Trickle, Team Back, Team Marzofka, Team Reffner and Team Sommers. Team captains were family members of those legends except for Team Trickle, which was captained by Father Dale Grubba and John Alft.

In Super Late Model Qualifying, Ty Majeski (91) turned the quickest lap at 12.043. Rain showers forced the heat races to be skipped. In the feature event, a sixteen car invert would set Wyatt Brooks (25) and Darren Jackson (2) on the front row. Brooks was able to get out to the early lead until the first caution flew for Jerry Ziemiecki (J3) who spun in turn one. Five laps after some green flag racing the second yellow would be caused by contact with Jake Capek (81) and Jordan Theil (2). Brooks would continue to lead until yet another caution would fly, twenty-one laps in, this one involving Derek Kraus (9) and Mark Mackesy (12). After the restart, Eugene Gregorich Jr. (14) now made his was to second. Gregorich challenged Brooks for the lead and was able to complete the pass with a little help from lapped traffic with sixty-nine laps left. Gregorich tried to pull away but Majeski worked his way to and past Brooks to take 2nd. Mackesy spun a few laps later in turn 2 and collected Kirby Kurth (85) ending both of their days. After the restart, Gregorich and Majeski went back and forth swapping the lead in some of the most exciting racing of the day. Majeski would reign supreme and take the lead for good at the half way mark. One more caution flew with nineteen laps left for Mike Olson (64) who had issues and stalled on the front stretch. Majeski held on for the win over Gregorich who ran out of gas just before the red/checkered flag finish because of rain with six laps unraced. Officially, Gregorich would be scored as the last car on the lead lap. Majeski won and Mike Lichtfeld (44) picked up a decent second place finish. Frank Nitzke (18) picked up a strong third place finish, with Dalton Zehr (7-11) and Steve Lichtfeld (32) picking up top fives. Brooks, Kraus, Collin Reffner (87) and Gregorich were the lead lap finishers.

The final team scores were calculated by drivers drafted in the same round being paired together. The highest finishing driver in the round got one point and the lowest finishing driver got five points. The lowest team overall in points would win. After qualifying, Team Sommers had a small lead. Without heat races, the feature would be of vital importance. With three drivers in the top five, Team Trickle ended up picking up the overall win with 18 points. Team Back ended with 19 points and Team Somers had 20 points. Teams Marzofka and Reffner ended with 33 and 35 points respectfully.

Making their annual visit to GSS was the Wisconsin Sport Trucks. Drew Habeck (21) qualified the quickest. The heat also got rained out, so the feature would decide this year’s bragging rights. The Habeck’s made a stong showing with three finishing in the top five. Drew took the win with Blaine (20) taking second. Jordan Fisher (9) came back from an overly exciting trip through the sand to finish in third. Keith Habeck (19) and Mark Sokolic (29) took fourth and fifth.

The Upper Midwest Vintage Racing Series also made their return to Golden Sands Speedway with Darrell Paasch (7) picking up the feature win over Bernie Fritz (33) who slipped out of turn 2 on the white flag lap allowing Paasch to make the move to the outside. Full results follow and the next race for the UMVRS is June 10 at Dells Raceway Park. 1) Darrell Paasch #7; 2)Bernie Fritz 33; 3)Roger Peterson 91; 4) John Gilbertson 88; 5)Dave Gawronski 10; 6)Chuck Adams Ono; 7)Ray Burrows 22; 8)Darrel Bassusner 91; 9)Ralph Cottone 4; 10) Charlie Schwock 29; 11)Ron Demers Jr. 19; 12)Jim Olson 53; 13)Bryan Webb 36; 14)Paul Dolphy 99.

Also in attendance were the Midwest Truck Series with near record attendance. Ty Majeski (1) hopped into an empty seat and drove to victory. Their race recap and results can be found on their website/Facebook page.

The next event at Golden Sands Speedway is Friday, June 9th. It’s School’s Out night and all of our weekly divisions will be in action. Follow along on Facebook and/or

Photo By Jeff Blaser Photography

Inaugural Thaw Race Leaves Fans Smiling

Story By: Brandon Aschenbrenner

New ownership took over Golden Sands Speedway for the 2017 season, and the Smiley family wanted to kick winter, and a wild and crazy Yeti, to the curb with an early spring race. The inaugural Thaw race left fans smiling in the stands and drivers happy to get the cob webs shaken off of the race cars. Beautiful weather brought the droves of fans to the stands and some great racing took place on the speedway in all divisions.

Leading off the afternoon was the Super Stock/Sportsman class. Rule changes have made things easier for different classes that are normally run at other tracks to participate together. Dave Trute (2), a touring champion last season, returned to Golden Sands and took fast time honors. The first heat would find Tim Schultz (5), a Michigan native, make his way to victory lane. In the second heat race, Greg Back (6), a very strong weekly championship contender last season, stretched his muscle and made it to victory lane. Trute and Back went back and forth on social media leading up to this event, and it would come down to the feature to see who would take home the win in the Spring Fever 40.
The feature was a hard fought battle for the lead between Tim Schultz and local Brad Scholze (87) for the first few laps, and then Scott Luck (12), a normal Dells Raceway Park driver, made his way to the outside of Schultz and raced side by side until the very end. Schultz held the inside line with success until Luck made a strong push and got a nose ahead of Schultz at the line as the white flag flew. Schultz then spun in turn 1 bringing out a caution and creating a yellow/checkered situation, which would hand the win to Scott Luck. John Zuch (8) was given the 2nd position after spinning to avoid the Schultz car. Greg Back kept Dave Trute behind him and took 3rd and 4th respectfully with Jason Stark taking a top 5 finish home to Sparta.

The Late Models packed 31 cars from 5 different states into the pit area to attempt to make the 20 car starting field. The top 16 would make the field on time with 4 moving up from the Frost 30 lap event. Jim Sauter Jr. (20) driving for car owner Marion Cole, took fast time tripping the transponder at 12.186. The top 16 in time then ran odd/even races to determine the starting positions for the 100 lap Thaw main event. Jerry Brickner (9) was able to fend off the rest of the field in the odd race for the rookie’s first win in a super late model. Mike Lichtfeld (44) dominated the even race to claim the 2nd starting position for the main even after starting near the back. In the Frost 30, the top 4 drivers would advance to the feature. Eagle River’s Natalie Decker (04) was able to make her way to the front after 9 laps and a few minor cautions and took home the win and a 17th place start in the main event. Wyatt Brooks (25), Austin Nason (14) and Eugene Gregorich Jr. (14) rounded out the top 4 to advance.
The Thaw started with Jerry Brickner and Mike Lichtfeld on the front row and Lichtfeld wasted no time getting to the lead and began to pull away from the field. Lichtfeld caught the back of the pack to start lapping cars within 13 laps and Natalie Decker spun 2 laps later to bring out the first caution after going a lap down. A long green flag run followed with Lichtfeld continue to annihilate the field. With 33 laps remaining, the 20 car of Jim Sauter Jr spun off of turn 4. After the restart, contact between MG Gajewski (22) and Gregg Pawelski (42) sending the 42 car spinning. Lichtfeld continued to lead and get great restarts including after another yellow with Jerry Brickner spinning in turn 2 collecting Rich Schumann (54) and 2nd place qualifier Travis Dassow (35). A final restart felt like a rerun as Mike Lichtfeld never looked back or gave up the lead taking home the Thaw 100 Yeti trophy. Casey Johnson (5) had his car come to life late in the race and he managed to pull out a 2nd place finish while Stratford, WI’s Derek Kraus (9) took 3rd place. Veterans Mark Eswein (71) and Jeremy Lepak (40) finished out the top 5 spots. Eugene Gregorich Jr made his way up to 4th before slowing with 5 laps remaining after running out of fuel.

In the Pure Stocks, Karl Genett (16K) took quick time by almost beating the track record. Mark Kalata (75x) was back to the race track and he picked up the win in the heat race. During the Spring Thunder 25, Kalata had the early lead, but Karl Genett was able to work past his brother Kyle (OneSixX) and Kalata to capture a win in a dominating performance. Kalata would hold on for 2nd, Kyle Genett 3rd, Louie Merriam (17) 4th and Brandon Knoblock (71) 5th.

The 4-Cylindar Outlaw and Stock cars were run together, and it would Ian Arneson (14), last year’s track champion, picking up fast time. Charlie Nickel (12), the Chili, WI driver took care of business running away with a win in heat 1. Tim Hintz, the 2nd place qualifier, took home the win in heat 2. The feature, the Frostbite 25, saw Charlie Nickel start up front and he ran away from everyone until just after half way when the car appear to start losing speed. Tim Hintz, the past local Late Model and Super Stock champion, made his way past Nickel. A spin by Dave Auringer (3) would cause a caution with 5 laps left. Nickel was able to stay close to Hintz on the restart, but could not make a pass on him as Tim Hintz took the checkered flag. Nickel, Brandon DeLacy (119), Scott Ciesielski (21) and Ian Arneson took top 5 finishes. 

The next event at Golden Sands Speedway is Friday, May 5th. It’s the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Golden Sands Speedway and the Grand Re-Opening of the stock car racing season. All of our weekly divisions will be in action.