2017 Dells Raceway Park Schedule

Nottestad, Johnson, Schumann, Erickson, Beaver All Winners

Wisc Dells WI 9/23/17 - A stout field of 33 Late Models were in competition for the 2017 Dells Raceway Park Showdown Challenge and it was Dale Nottestad claiming the overall Showdown Championship with a pair of second place finishes in the Twin 50 format. Rich Schumann Jr. was the victor in the first of the twin 50 lappers while Casey Johnson claimed the second 50 lap event. Jason Erickson was the winner of the odd 2017 non-feature winners event while Nick Beaver picked up his first career feature event in the even event. Congratulations to all; it was an outstanding field of cars; past and current champions putting an awesome show for all to see! Thank You to all the fans, drivers, teams and track workers who endured a sticky Saturday afternoon for an unbelievable night of racing.

Non-Feature Winners of 2017 Feature ODD

1 94 Jason Erickson

2 25 Allen Borntreger

3 2 Kyle Kirberger

4 88 Dave Trute

5 55 Chad Miller

6 52R Nick Roehl

7 2P Shane Poehnelt

8 46 Mat Herrington

9 31K Kelsey Schultz

10 14 Hanna Raley

11 35 Todd Otis

12 19 Michael Haggar

13 52G Shawn Grace

Non-Feature Winners of 2017 Feature EVEN

1 10 Nick Beaver

2 55S Tyler Schley

3 16W Luke Westenberg

4 32 Haley Kapp

5 75 Mike Beyers

6 16D Jared Deming

7 93 Brad Muller

8 2S Tod Stenson

9 92 RJ Braun

10 3 Shawn Gunsolus

11 78 Matt Lundberg

B-Main Feature

1 19 Michael Haggar

2 16D Jared Deming

3 55S Tyler Schley

4 93 Brad Muller

5 2P Shane Poehnelt

6 46 Mat Herrington

7 2S Tod Stenson

8 16 Jesse Clossey

9 14 Hanna Raley

10 35 Todd Otis

11 75 Mike Beyers

12 2 Kyle Kirberger

13 52G Shawn Grace

14 3 Shawn Gunsolus

15 25 Allen Borntreger

#1 Showdown Feature

1 88 Rich Schumann Jr

2 51 Dale Nottestad

3 67 Nick Nolden

4 52R Nick Roehl

5 24 Jim Olson

6 1 Ryan Gutknecht

7 16W Luke Westenberg

8 32 Haley Kapp

9 5 Casey Johnson

10 55 Chad Miller

11 10 Nick Beaver

12 94 Jason Erickson

13 55S Tyler Schley

14 16D Jared Deming

15 92 RJ Braun

16 19 Michael Haggar

17 78 Matt Lundberg

18 7 Joey Pontoniend

19 31K Kelsey Schultz

20 52S Brent Strelka

21 6 Jake Hassler

22 93 Brad Muller

#2 Showdown Feature

1 5 Casey Johnson

2 51 Dale Nottestad

3 24 Jim Olson

4 52S Brent Strelka

5 52R Nick Roehl

6 16W Luke Westenberg

7 78 Matt Lundberg

8 94 Jason Erickson

9 1 Ryan Gutknecht

10 19 Michael Haggar

11 92 RJ Braun

12 32 Haley Kapp

13 6 Jake Hassler

14 55 Chad Miller

15 55S Tyler Schley

16 67 Nick Nolden

17 7 Joey Pontbriand

18 16D Jared Deming

19 10 Nick Beaver

20 88 Rich Schumann Jr

21 31K Kelsey Schultz

22 93 Brad Muller

Majeski Wins Allied Cooperative 50

Wisc Dells WI 8/26/17- Ty Majeski won the Midwest Truck Series Allied Cooperative 50 at Dells Raceway Park Saturday night as he was the guest driver for the Kelly Bires Motorsport Midwest Truck Team. Genoa City driver James Swan and Danielle Behn of Waupaca brought the field to green with Swan taking the early lead with Behn, Mike Corvo and 2016 series champion Dave Edwards in tow. As the race stayed green Swan lead and Majeski work his way thru the field it was not long before Swan had a mirror full of Majeski as the two battled for the top spot. Majeski would take the lead from Swan before the half way mark leaving clear sailing until late race cautions would tighten the field in a double file restart. The last caution flew with six laps remaining setting up a dash to the finish for the Allied 50. On the restart Majeski would not falter as he took command of the top spot leaving Swan to fend off the hard charging Nick Egan for second while Luke Fenhaus finished fourth and Dave Edwards rounded out the top five. Earlier it was Majeski setting fastest time in qualifying while Danielle Behn would win the even qualifier race and James Swan won the odd qualifier. The Midwest Truck Series will be back at Dells Raceway Park again on Sunday afternoon Sept 24th as part of the September Showdown Weekend running in conjunction with the TUNDRA Super Late Model Series and TUNDRA Sportsman series, racing will begin at 2pm.


Midwest Truck Series Allied Cooperative 50

1 1 Ty Majeski

2 97 James Swan

3 13E Nick Egan

4 4 Luke Fenhaus

5 5 Dave Edwards

6 15 Gabe Sommers

7 13C Ross Christiansen

8 28 Danielle Behn

9 23 Levon Van der Geest

10 88 Rick Corso

11 26 Mike Corvo

12 8 Dan Caulhoun

13 113 Rock Christiansen

Nolden Drives for 5 in Historic Auto 50

Wisc Dells WI 8-12-17 -Nick Nolden from Sun Prairie WI, over took race leader Chad Miller with 15 laps to go Saturday night at Dells Raceway Park for his fifth late model feature win of the year in the Historic Auto Attractions 50. Pole sitter Kelsey Schultz of Mauston took the lead from the start and held the point for the first ten circuits until Miller worked his way thru traffic and passed Schultz for the top spot. Miller looked strong building a five car length lead until caution would restart the field and by the half way point of the race Miller had current DRP point leader and defending track champion Nolden and WIR Blue race champion Jesse Bernhagen filling his mirrors. Miller, Nolden and Bernhagen would do battle until the end with Nolden taking the lead for good with 15 laps to go leaving Miller to battle Bernhagen for second and at the line Bernhagen would nip Miller by a nose for second with Miller finishing third with last weeks winner Jake Zellmer grabbing fourth and Larry Schotten of Mauston rounding out the top five. Earlier in the evening Nolden was fastest in qualifying with a 14.003 and Kyle Kirberger from Ramsey MN would capture the Late Model fast dash, with Burlington's Chris Storey winning the heat race.

Late Model Historic Auto Attractions 50

1 67 Nick Nolden

2 28 Jesse Bernhagen

3 55 Chad Miller

4 99 Jake Zellmer

5 31L Larry Schotten

6 7 Kurt Clapper

7 66 Chris Storey

8 31K Kelsey Schultz

9 8 Mahlon Borntreger

10 2T Tod Stenson

11 2K Kyle Kirberger

12 37 Kevin Brescia

13 14 Hanna Raley

14 46 Matt Herrington


Zellmer Captures Performance Parts Supply 50

Wisc Dells WI 8/05/17 - Jake Zellmer from New Berlin WI picked up his second feature win of the year at Dells Raceway Park Saturday Night over DRP point leader Nick Nolden while Jesse Bernhagen finished third, Kurt Clapper fourth and Kyle Wolosek rounded out the top five. Zellmer was also the evening fast qualifier with a lap of 14.073 while Nick Nolden won the fast dash and heat winners were Rich Schumann Jr. and Brad Hetzel.


Performance Parts Supply 50

1 99 Jake Zellmer

2 67 Nick Nolden

3 28 Jesse Bernhagen

4 7C Kurt Clapper

5 80 Kyle Wolosek

6 55 Chad Miller

7 88 Rich Schumann Jr

8 31K Kelsey Schultz

9 10 Nick Beaver

10 31L Larry Schotten

11 8 Mahlon Borntreger

12 2 Tod Stenson

13 46 Matt Herrington

14 14 Hanna Raley

15 63 Thayran Rezin

16 41 Brad Hetzel

Nolden Nabs Another

Wisc Dells WI 7/29/17-Current Dells Raceway Park Late Model Points leader Nick Nolden nabbed his fourth feature win of the season by holding off the evenings fast qualifier Jesse Bernhagen in the 50 lap Josh Blum Memorial Saturday night. Former Track Champion Rich Schumann Jr and one of the top Club LaMark rookie of the year contenders Tod Stenson brought the field to green and it was Schumann taking the early lead followed by Tomah driver Thayran Rezin. Rezin would apply the pressure early and often to the leader as Nolden, Bernhagen and last weeks feature winner Jake Zellmer worked their way thru traffic. Lap 16 would change things up as Rezin would leave the speedway with a flat tire leaving a straight path for Nolden and Bernhagen to Schumann's bumper. By the half way mark Shumann's car was getting too loose to hold off the pressure as the pair of Nolden and Berhagen would take over the top two spots leaving Schumann in third now battling with a pair of veteran Kurt Clapper and Brady Liddle. As the laps wound down it would Nolden holding onto the top spot followed by Bernhagen, Schumann, Clapper and Brady Liddle posting a top five on his first visit to the speedway this year. In earlier action it was Thayran Rezin picking up the fast dash, while Chad Miller and Matt Lundberg would win the late model heat races. The Late Models will be back in action this Saturday night Aug 5th for autograph night with Time Trials at 5:30, and on track autograph session from 6:15-6:45 and first race at 7pm.


Josh Blum Memorial 50 A-Main

1 67 Nick Nolden

2 28 Jesse Bernhagen

3 88 Rich Schumman Jr

4 7 Kurt Clapper

5 18 Brady Liddle

6 99 Jake Zellmer

7 78 Matt Lundberg

8 10 Nick Beaver

9 31L Larry Schotten

10 55 Chad Miller

11 31K Kelsey Schultz

12 37 Kevin Brescia

13 25 Allen Borntreger

14 8 Mahlon Borntreger

15 46 Mat Herrington

16 2 Tod Stenson

17 80 Ken Jacoby

18 63 Thayran Rezin

19 14 Hanna Raley

Zellmer Winner in a Thriller

Wisc Dells WI 7/22/17-Fast Qualifier Jake Zellmer won his first feature event of the season Saturday Night at Dells Raceway Park over current Late Model Point Leader Nick Nolden while Kurt Clapper came home in third with Thayran Rezin and Larry Schotten rounding out the top five. The race was brought to green by Thayran Rezin and Shane Morrissey with Rezin taking the early lead. On lap 7 Morrissey had the air up in his tires and made a charge back for the lead and grabbed it from Rezin with Jesse Bernhagen, Nick Nolden and Larry Schotten all in tow. At the mid way point of the 40 lap event Morrissey was still outfront with Bernhagen and fast qualifier Jake Zellmer filling his mirrors. As the race wound to the closing laps, it was Bernhagen making a late charge on the high side of Morrissey as the two battle side by side and trading some paint as the white flag was in the air. As the pair enter turn three on the final lap it was anybody's race with Zellmer in their tracks, On the exit of turn four Morrissey and Bernhagen again touched as the pair slid up the track and into the outside wall allowing Zellmer the bottom lane and the victory. Kelsey Schultz won the Fast Dash and the heat races were captured by Allen Borntreger and Shane Morrissey


Performance Parts Supply 40

1 99 Jake Zellmer

2 67 Nick Nolden

3 7 Kurt Clapper

4 63 Thayran Rezin

5 31L Larry Schotten

6 55 Chad Miller

7 31K Kelsey Schultz

8 8 Mahlon Borntreger

9 2 Tod Stenson

10 10 Nick Beaver

11 37 Kevin Brescia

12 16 Jesse Clossey

13 14 Hanna Raley

14 25 Allen Borntreger

15 21 Shane Morrissey

16 28 Jesse Bernhagen

17 35 Todd Otis

18 66 Chris Storey