2017 Marshfield Motor Speedway Schedule


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Marshfield, WI, (August 11, 2012) – Kid’s Night at the races tonight brought many youngsters out for some great fun!   Kids went home with many prizes, but they really enjoyed the stock car rides from the drivers! Below, drivers Kevin Tessmer and Christine Schmude give stock car rides to the children!






In X-Treme 4’s action tonight, Kevin Eckes tripping the clock fastest with a lap time of 21.683.  Point leader Steve Hauser was second in qualifying, with George Seliger taking 3rd.

Heat racing tonight produced a win for Brandon Herr.  Herr, a Greenwood, WI native made his 2017 MMS debut.  George Seliger, riding second in the point standings, pocketed the fast heat win.

Grabbing the early lead in the X-Treme 4’s feature event was Arpin, WI driver Jerad deBoer.  deBoer’s lead was brief as George Seliger eclipsed the car of deBoer with an outside pass exiting turn two.  Gilman, WI driver, and current point leader Steve Hauser, worked his way to the runner up position by lap 4.  Seliger built a nice lead for himself as the other drivers battled for position.  By lap 11 of the 20 main event, it was evident that Steve Hauser was cutting into the lead that Seliger had built for himself.  Meanwhile, drivers running third through seventh place, were running three and four wide at times for position.  With four laps remaining, Hauser reeled in a very fast Seliger machine.  As the drivers battled the last 4 laps, side by side, it was Steve Hauser edging George Seliger at the line for tonight’s feature event for the X-Treme 4’s.  Finishing a strong third was Brandon Herr, with Kevin Eckes riding third, and Adam Eckes rounding out the top five.

In Super Late Model Action, it was Michael Sauter earning his second straight fast time honor.  Sauter, who calls West Salem, WI home, tripped the clock at 18.295 seconds.  Terry Shopenhorst cruised to the Kafka Granite Dash 4 Cash win for the super late models.  Earning the heat win was a very fast Michael Sauter.  Ernie Schlough, as he was running second, made an abrupt move entering the pits as his #7-11 machine experienced engine issues.  Schlough would not return for feature action. 

When the cars took to the track for their feature event, it was Terry Shopenhorst grabbing the early lead.  However, riding the high line, it was Ryan Hinner staying just to the outside door of Shopenhorst.  The two driver battled side by side for 15 laps, with each of the two taking turns leading the event.  On lap 16, Hinner’s machine lost rear grip and his right rear tire heated up.  With Shopenhorst leading, Gleason, WI driver Justin Mondeik looked high and low on Shopenhorst for the race lead.  Mondeik’s car slipped back a few car lengths, allowing for Michael Sauter the opportunity to work his car around Terry Shopenhorst.  On lap 18, exiting turn 4, the machines of Shopenhorst and Sauter made contact.  Shopenhorst would spin broadside, allowing no where for the driver trailing him to go.  Shopenhorst received heavy damage to his #12 stock car.  Collected in the incident was Mondeik, Sauter, and Ryan Hinner.  

On the restart, it was Justin Mondeik taking over the top spot, with Sauter and Jack Greenwood running second and third respectively.  With 3 laps remaining, Mondeik’s sway bar broke, sending the #44 car to the pits. One lap later, it would be the #33 car of Jack Greenwood making an exit of the track with engine issues.  Earning his first career feature win for he and his crew, was point leader Michael Sauter.   


In the Bandit division tonight, Brandon Polansky would add to his point lead with a sweep.  Kevin Tessmer showed another strong performance as he came home a close second.  It was Kaleb Hurless making his his first appearance of the year, and grabbing the third position.  

Brian Weinfurter of Wisconsin Rapids, WI, once again came home victorious in the Super Stock feature.  Weinfurter also notched fast time for the Super Stocks.  It was Greg Mathews coming home in the runner up position.

Mitch Stankowski padded his point lead for the Pure Stocks, as he took another clean sweep. 

Next week, Marshfield Motor Speedway is host to the Wisconsin Challenge Series Championship race.  See numerous top super late models in the Midwest compete for this prestigious championship.  Log onto www.marshfieldspeedway.com or Like Us on Facebook for all the race day event information, for next Saturday’s special event.


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Marshfield, WI, (July 15, 2017) – It was Snap-On Tools of Triumph Tour Night at the races, and WCAR Men’s Night at the races, here Saturday night.  With threatening weather all around the speedway, the drivers that competed put on a great show for the faithful fans!

In Super Late Model action, it was West Salem, WI hot shoe Michael Sauter grabbing fast time honors. 

In the Kafka Granite, LLC Dash 4 Cash, Greenwood, WI driver Ernie Schlough edged Sauter by inches for the win.

Once the SLM’s took to the track for their feature event, Ernie Schlough and Darren Jackson battled early for the race lead.  Schlough would eventually work his way around the very fast car of Jackson’s.  Schlough built a 3-car length lead over Jackson, as point leader Michael Sauter reeled in the #2 of Darren Jackson.  One lap later, it was Sauter moving to the runner up position.  Sauter, who has been fast everywhere he goes, was looking to cut into the lead Schlough had built.  With again no caution flags in the feature event, Sauter cut slightly into the lead that the #7-11 of Schlough had built.  However, in the end, it was Ernie Schlough earning his first feature win of the season.  With Sauter coming home a strong second, it was Darren Jackson grabbing the third position, with Jack Greenwood taking fourth.

Marshfield Motor Speedway was once again host to a nice field of X-Treme 4 competitors.  It was has become a very competitive/side-by-side racing division, tonight was no different. 

In qualifying for the X-Treme 4’s, it was Charlie Nickel tripping the clock fastest with a lap time of 21.448.  Earlier in the year, Nickel set the New Track Record in the X-Treme 4’s with a lap time of 21.373 seconds.

In tonight’s feature event, it was Jerad deBoer grabbing the early lead.  On lap 3, it was Miladore, WI driver Adam Eckes taking over the top spot with an outside pass of deBoer.  It was status quo for the top two spots, Eckes in first and deBoer in second, for the next 18 laps.  On the final lap and in turn 3, it was Greg Blount getting by deBoer on the inside and taking the runner up position.  With Adam Eckes earning his first feature win off the year at MMS, and with Blount earning the second spot, Jerad deBoer pocketed the third position.  Rounding out the top five, it was point leader Steve Hauser fourth, and Kevin Eckes finishing fifth.  Earning heat wins tonight, it was Jerad deBoer and Adam Eckes.

  1. Adam Eckes
  2. Greg Blount
  3. Jerad deBoer
  4. Steve Hauser
  5. Kevin Eckes
  6. George Seliger
  7. Derk Hauser
  8. Mike Heidmann
  9. Chuck Dixon
  10. Christine Schmude
  11. Ron Sischo
  12. Charlie Nickel, DNS
  13. Joe Kuehn, DNS

Isaiah Rowe visited the track again tonight, and he earned fast time honors in the Bandit division of racing.  

Leading the Bandits to the green flag for their feature event was Tyler Raab.  Raab would lead the first few laps, but Kevin Tessmer eventually worked his way past the #4 of Tyler Raab.  With Tessmer enjoying a comfortable lead, it was point leader Brandon Polansky racing his way around Raab with 2 laps remaining, for the second spot.   Once the drivers received the checkered flag from starter Geno Eckes, it was Kevin Tessmer getting the feature win.  With Polansky finishing in the second position, it was Tyler Raab and Isaiah Rowe, rounding out the top 4 spots.  Isaiah Rowe earned the heat win tonight for the Bandits. 

The Legend Cars visited MMS tonight for the first time in many years.  Despite a small car count, the 4 cars put on a great show.  Max McNamara took home the sweep on the 1/2 mile paved oval.  Ryan Weyer earned the runner up position in the feature, with Dillon Schwanbeck and Mark Ritger rounding out the top four. 

Marshfield Motor Speedway will continue racing action this FRIDAY night, July 21st, with WCAR Kid’s Night.  All Kids will receive gifts from the Women Concerned for Auto Racing.  Also, there will be many prizes given away to the kids from the drivers.  Along with the many prizes given away to the kids, there will also be kid’s stock car rides!  Super Late Models, Super Stocks, Pure Stocks, X-Treme 4’s, and Bandits will be competing!  Fan gates open  5:30 PM, qualifying is at 6:00 PM, with racing beginning at 7:00 PM.  Admission is $12 for adults 15 and older, students 9-14 for $8, and kids 8 and under are FREE!

For more information, log onto www.marshfieldspeedway.com or LIKE US on Facebook!


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Marshfield, WI, (July 4th, 2017) – Marshfield Motor Speedway enjoyed a great day of beautiful weather, on this July 4th Yellow River Racing Series special event.  With warm temperatures, fans enjoyed great racing and food and drink specials!

In qualifying today, it was Appleton’s Jordan “The Real Deal” Thiel grabbing fast time with a lap time of 18.142 for the YRRS super late models.  Gilman, WI star driver Steve Hauser notched fast time for the X-Treme 4’s, with a lap time of 21.610.  Wausau, WI driver Kevin Tessmer was quickest for the Bandits, with a lap time of 22.810 seconds.

The YRRS Super Late Models started the day off with the Kafka Granite Dash 4 Cash.  At year’s end, the champion of the Kafka Granite Dash 4 Cash will receive a very nice cash award, along with a beautiful plaque, display check created by Laser Images, and a champions jacket from Hoosier Racing Tires.  The fastest 4 cars participated in this event and it was Michael Sauter taking the checkered flag over Dalton Zehr by six inches.  Sauter, the son of former  NASCAR driver Jay Sauter, is a major contender for the 2017 Marshfield Motor Speedway Track Championship.

In feature action for the X-Treme 4’s, Mike Heidmann led the field to the green flag.  Heidmann would lead the first few laps until Chili, WI driver Charlie Nickel took over the top spot.  Nickel, who has been fast all year, led to the midpoint of the race.  On lap 11, Nickel developed mechanical issues dropping him out of the race.  George Seliger, who was runner up in qualifying, took over the top spot, with Steve Hauser hot on his heels.  Point leader Kevin Eckes started working his way through the field, as he moved to third with a pass on Arpin, WI driver Jerad deBoer.  Hauser made a valiant effort in trying to run down Seliger, but it wasn’t to be today.  George Seliger took his #06 machine to victory lane.  With Steve Hauser finishing second, it was Kevin Eckes, Jerad deBoer, and Mike Heidmann rounding out the top five.

  1. George Seliger
  2. Steve Hauser
  3. Kevin Eckes
  4. Jerad deBoer
  5. Mike Heidmann
  6. Chuck Dixon
  7. Keith Wosick
  8. Christine Schmude
  9. Charlie Nickel

In the Bandit feature, Brandon Polansky stays hot as he took the checkered flag home, earning another feature win at Marshfield Motor Speedway.  Runner up to Polansky, was Isaiah Rowe.  Rowe kept the pressure on Polansky, but ended up finishing second.  Coming home in the fourth position was Kevin Tessmer, with Jasper Drengler taking the fourth position.  Brandon Polansky was also the heat winner today for the Bandit division.

In the YRRS Super Late Model action, Wisconsin Dells, WI driver Brian Hakala jumped out to the early start.  Hakala would lead the first 8 laps.  On lap 9, Dalton Zehr, in the Redline Speedsports #7-11 grabbed the lead, with West Salem, WI hot shoe, Michael Sauter hot on Zehr’s heels.  On Lap 10, it was Zehr and Sauter, 1/2, with Hakala a close third.  Zehr, in free air, would pull away slightly from Sauter as the race moved to lap 20.  Sauter, who has been having an outstanding year wherever he races, started to slip back just a little as his tires heated up.  With Zehr holding a comfortable lead, it was Sauter, fast timer Jordan Thiel, and Nekoosa, WI driver Darren Jackson battling for the second position.  The three driver went bumper to bumper for 15 laps, but with Zehr crossing the finish line first, it was Sauter coming home in second.  Jordan Thiel, Darren Jackson, and Brian Hakala rounded out the top five.  Zehr also took home the heat win.  After today’s event, Michael Sauter takes over the point lead, with Darren Jackson in second.

  1. Dalton Zehr
  2. Michael Sauter
  3. Jordan Thiel
  4. Darren Jackson
  5. Brian Hakala
  6. Ryan Hinner
  7. Jack Greenwood
  8. Jesse Oudenhoven

Marshfield Motor Speedway will continue it’s racing on July 15th with INEX Legends, Super Late Models, X-Treme 4’s, and Bandits will be competing.  It is Autograph night at the races.  All driver will have their cars on the front stretch prior to racing to sign autographs.  Food and Beverage specials will be $2 hot sandwiches and $2 adult beverages. 

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Marshfield, WI,  (May 7, 2017) – The 2017 race season kicked off Saturday night with 4 divisions of racing competing.  Earlier in the day, Marshfield Motor Speedway was host to their second Annual Car Show.

Marathon, WI driver Jeremy Lepak tripped the clock fastest in super late model qualifying.  Lepak, who always seems to have a fast car at Marshfield, scored a lap time of 18.277 seconds.  Merrill, WI hot shoe Jason Weinkauf earned the first win of the year in the Kafka Granite Dash 4 Cash.  Greenwood, WI driver Ernie Schlough earned fast heat honors in his Redline Speedsports ride. 

When the drivers took the green flag for the feature event, it was Schlough grabbing the early lead over Wisconsin Rapids, WI driver Darren Jackson.  West Salem, WI driver Michael Sauter took over the second spot after lap 2.  Sauter, who is the son of legendary driver Jay Sauter, is making a name for himself in the super late model division.  Sauter made huge strides in the 2016 race season, and will be a threat to win wherever he competes.  With Schlough holding the lead, Jason Weinkauf was working his way to the front.  On lap 7, Weinkauf eclipsed the fast machine of Michael Sauter.  For the next 6 laps, it was Ernie Schlough and Jason Weinkauf putting on show, racing door handle to door handle, and nose to nose.  Finally, it was Weinkauf getting the advantage off turn 4 and motoring by Schlough.  Weinkauf would eventually pull out to a 3 car length lead and earned the first feature event of the year at MMS.  With Ernie Schlough in the #7-11 machine earning the runner up position, it was Michael Sauter grabbing the third spot.  Darren Jackson, in his new ride, finished 4th, and Jack Greenwood 5th.  Fast qualifier Jeremy Lepak, developed engine issues and was unable to compete in the feature. 

The always popular X-Treme 4’s were once apart of the program Saturday night.  In qualifying, it was Chili, WI driver Charlie Nickel earning fast time honors.  Nickel, who will be making his Bristol Motor Speedway debut soon, clocked in at 21.473 seconds. 

In heat action for the X-Treme 4’s, it was Minnesota driver Dave Auringer capturing the win.  Nickel took home the checkered flag in the second heat.

Arpin, WI driver Jerad deBoer grabbed the early lead in the 20-lap feature event for the X-Treme 4’s.  deBoer would hold the lead until lap 3, that was when Steve Hauser took over the top spot.  Hauser’s lead would be brief however, as Charlie Nickel quickly worked his way through the pack of cars.  On lap 4, it was all Charlie Nickel.  Nickel moved out to a very comfortable lead by lap 9.  On lap 13, it was the 2016 champion Kevin Eckes moving to the runner up position.  With 4 laps remaining, it looked as if Charlie Nickel was going to cruise to the win.  However, Nickel’s car abruptly slowed as he went down the backstretch with engine issues, Nickel was forced to exit the track.  Nickel’s misfortune was a gift to Kevin Eckes.  Eckes went on to hold off Steve Hauser and get the win.  Hauser would end up finishing a strong 2nd, with Dave Auringer coming home in third.  Jerad deBoer and George Seliger would round out the top 5.

  1. Kevin Eckes
  2. Steve Hauser
  3. Dave Auringer
  4. Jerad deBoer
  5. George Seliger
  6. Keith Wosick
  7. Derk Hauser
  8. Christine Schmude
  9. Charlie Nickel
  10. Chuck Dixon

In Bandit action, it was Wisconsin Rapids, WI driver Brandon Polansky clicking off the best time in qualifying.  Polansky crossed the line in 22.966 seconds.  Polansky would also go on to win the heat race.  In Feature action, it was all Brandon Polansky in his Ashley Netzer Real Estate Chevrolet Cavalier.  Polansky would lead flag to flag earning the win and the sweep on the night.  Kevin Tessmer finished a strong second, with Cody Heath taking third and Wausau’s Adam Mansfield coming home 4th.

In Pure Stock action, Mitch Stankowski edged Louie Merriam for the feature win.  Stankowski and Merriam battled side by side for most of the race, but it was Stankowski crossing the line first when Flagman Geno Eckes dropped the checkered flag.

Saturday, May 27th, Marshfield Motor Speedway will be back in action with the Jim Back Memorial.  CWRA Super Late Models, CWSSA Super Stocks, X-Treme 4’s, and Bandits will all be competing.  Pit gates open at 4pm, Fan gates open at 5:30pm, Qualifying is at 6pm, with the exciting racing set to begin at 7pm.  After the races, fans will be treated to the first HUGE FIREWORKS SHOW of the year in the area!  Admission is $12 for adults 15 and over, Students 9-14 for $8, and Kids 8 and under are always free at Marshfield Motor Speedway.

Marshfield Motor Speedway now accepts all major credit cards/debit cards.  Cards are accepted at the Main Admission Booth, Concessions, and in the Speedway Bar!

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