Jeff Storm from Waterford WI, won the 1st annual Marlin Walbeck Classic Saturday night at Dells Raceway Park. Ben Pettis and Mike Lichtfeld brought the field to green with Lichtfeld taking the early lead followed by Landry Potter and John Deangelis Jr. in hot pursuit. A early caution bunched the field again but Lichtfeld was up to the challenge and set sail while eventual winner Jeff Storm started working his way th...rough the field. At the half way break it was Lichtfeld leading the pack and picking up the bonus cash of $300 for being the mid-race leader. After the pit stop Lichtfeld ran into a mechanical issue an could not restart the second half which gave way to Storm as he had patiently worked his way up to second. It was current DRP and CWRA point leader Tim Schendal who kept Storm busy through out the second half of the event, but Storm would not be denied and held on to win the prestigious event with Schendal coming in second, fast qualifier Alex Prunty finished third, Wisconsin Rapids Mark Eswein took fouth and Bobby Kendall fifth. Trophy Dash winner was Kendall. Heat race winners were Ken Jacoby, Mark Eswein, and Travis Volm, and the B-main was won by Collin Reffner. DRP Would like to Thank the Walbeck Family and CWRA for helping put on the first annual Marlin Walbeck Memorial along with all the fans, drivers and race teams who made the night a success. 

Wisconsin Dells WI, 6/27/15
Marlin Walbeck Memorial 
1 25 Jeff Storm 
2 21 Tim Schendel 
3 11P Alex Prunty 
4 71E Mark Eswein 
5 11 Bobby Kendall 
6 22P Landry Potter 
7 31J Cory Jankowski 
8 97 Cole Anderson 
9 22 Ben Pettis 
10 7 John DeAngelis 
11 23 Ryan Hinner 
12 87 Collin Reffner 
13 32L Steve Lichtfeld 
14 54 Chad Devine 
15 88J Ken Jacoby 
16 44L Mike Lichtfeld 
17 18N Frank Nitzke 
18 45 Erin Schlough 
19 711 Travis Volm 

Heat#1 Ken Jacoby Even Heat:Travis Volm Odd Heat: Mark Eswein Dash: Bobby Kendall B-Main: Collin Reffner

Jacoby Waterproofing Super Late Model Qualifying
1 11P Alex Prunty 13.626 
2 21 Tim Schendel 13.666 
3 7 John DeAngelis 13.668 
4 11 Bobby Kendall 13.676 
5 25 Jeff Storm 13.684 
6 22P Landry Potter 13.699 
7 97 Cole Anderson 13.704 
8 44L Mike Lichtfeld 13.765 
9 22BP Ben Pettis 13.805 
10 45 Erin Schlough 13.838 
11 23 Ryan Hinner 13.861 
12 31J Cory Jankowski 13.901 
13 71E Mark Eswine 13.914 
14 711 Travis Volm 13.962 
15 3 Jeff Weinfurter 13.977 
16 18N Frank Nitzke 14.010 
17 87 Collin Reffner 14.055 
18 13 Mike Breiner 14.159 
19 32L Steve Lichtfeld 14.196 
20 88J Ken Jacoby 14.258 
21 54 Chad Devine 14.423 
22 13 Cody Smiley 14.519 
23 33 Bernie Fritz 15.054
24 85 Kirby Kirth DNS

Steve Dobbratz Wins At DRP. Photo Courtesy of Jeff Blaser

In Late Model Action Saturday Night it was the recent High School Grad Haley Kapp & 13yr old Grant Griesbach bringing the field to Green with Kapp taking over the top spot till 2-time & defending Track Champion Nick Nolden took the lead mid-race. Nolden looked secure till Rio Wisconsin Pilot & current Point Leader at DRP Steve Dobbratz came knocking on the door late in the race to pull off his 2nd Feature event of the Year, Nolden finished second with Dale Nottestad 3rd & fast qualifier Rich Schumann Jr. getting the 4th spot & Haley Kapp rounding out the top five.
Performance Parts Supply Late Model A-Main 40 Lap Feature
1 52 Steve Dobbratz 
2 67 Nick Nolden 
3 51 Dale Nottestad 
4 54S Rich Schumann Jr 
5 32 Haley Kapp 
6 75 Dillion Hammond 
7 28 Jesse Bernhagen 
8 31KS Kelsey Schultz 
9 18 Michael Ehde 
10 44 Justin Mondeik 
11 66 Chris Storey 
12 17 Grant Griesbach 
13 88 Ken Jacoby 
14 7C Kurt Clapper 
15 55 Chad Miller 
16 52R Nick Roehl 
17 31S Larry Schotten 
18 93 Brad Muller 29
Dash: Steve Dobbratz, Heat#1 Ken Jacoby, Odd Fast Heat: Nick Nolden Even Fast Heat: Kelsey Schultz, Fast Qualifier: Rich Schumann Jr., B-Main: Brad Muller
Late Model Qualifying
1 54S Rich Schumann Jr. 13.999 
2 52 Steve Dobbratz 14.037 
3 75 Dillion Hammond 14.100 
4 51 Dale Nottestad 14.101
5 67 Nick Nolden 14.175 
6 44 Justin Mondeik 14.185 
7 52R Nick Roehl 14.226 
8 17 Grant Griesbach 14.247 
9 32 Haley Kapp 14.254 
10 31KS Kelsey Schultz 14.273 
11 28 Jesse Bernhagen 14.286 
12 66 Chris Storey 14.299 
13 18 Michael Ehde 14.340 
14 7C Kurt Clapper 14.422 
15 31S Larry Schotten 14.450 
16 55 Chad Miller 14.454 
17 93 Brad Muller 14.652 
18 88 Ken Jacoby 14.703 
19 9 Hunter Drefahl 14.920 
20 36S Steve Schlosser 14.970

Jesse Bernhagen In Victory Lane At DRP

Jesse Bernhagen Holds Off Haley Kapp To Get Late Model Win At DRP

The first Green flag of the evening was dropped for the CSR Super Cup, 20 lap feature! Before the first lap was completed, two cars from the back of the field spun around in turn two. The entire field was able to make it back onto the track for a full restart. Half way through the feature, Jamie Domski was able to make himself comfortable in the top spot and secure the win with Amanda Bohn following close in second. 

The second feature show of the evening was provided by the DRP Bandits. The 24 of Marty Tackes and the six car of Dave Lembke made up the front row to take the green flag. From the sounds of it, Tackes may have missed the shift on the start, causing the his car to fall to the back of the field. as The 77 of Dan Rozek was in the top spot, something must have broke as he followed suit and fell to the the back of the field. The number 14 of Hannah Raley had something dragging, causing a shower of sparks over the cars following behind her. Josh Mazur and James Junget put on a great show as they raced side by side, lap after lap on the front row. With 5 laps to go, the 17 of Dave True, Jr and the 23 of John Preston spun coming out of turn 4. With only 5 to go, the flag man Arne Thompson got the cars going again with a single file restart. On the restart, Junget looked low making contact with Mazur. They where both able to save their cars from destruction. Mazur wasn't able to hold off Junget for long though, with 2 to go James Junget was able to pass for the lead and check out from the field. The show to watch was the race for second, Colton Morgan was able to pull one over on Mazur and Morgan made the pass with one to go. 

As the Sportsman geared up for the start of their feature, the outside line looked strong, allowing the 29 of Davey Pennel to take the lead. The Sportsman race was filled with caution free action following behind the leader of Pennel who's car was on a rail right off the bat. With 6 to go in the 25 lap feature, Dave trute in the number 2 car was able to chase down Cody Hubred and finally conquer the second position with only 5 laps left in the feature. The show really started to get going with only a couple laps left, as the 4th place through 7th bunched up. Pennel was able to take the the Checkered by himself, he was checked out from the field early as he prepared for his victory. "Good thing I qualified bad so I was able to start in the front!" Pennel mentioned, also stating "Trute was coming quick, his car sure was dialed in!". Next week should be another great show, I know I cant wait to see if Trute's "Dean's Satellite" machine can be restrained again! 

For the Late Model Feature, Kelsey Schultz and Grant Griesbach took the starting flag on the front row. Two laps in to the race, Schultz was able to take the lead. Just after Schultz completed her first lap in the top spot, the 55 of Chad Miller spun into the infield between turns one and two. With 48 laps to go the cone was brought out, allowing the drivers to choose which line would work best for their car. Behind Schultz, Griesbach, Jesse Bernhagen, Michael Clapper and Haley Kapp all took the outside lane. Only 5 laps into the race, the 67 of Nick Nolden's machine looked quick as he passed Schultz for the lead on the inside! Justin Mondike and Grant Griesbach raced side by side for the third spot. After putting up a fight, Griesbach couldn't hold Mondeik off any longer. Bernhagen took the opportunity to follow Mondeik past Griesbach to round out the top 3. It didn't take Justin Mondeik long to close in on the 31 of Kelsey Schultz for second. Once again, Bernhagen saw an opportunity and took it, He was able to swing around the outside and pass both Schultz and Mondeik for second! Mondike took a chance to make his move by sticking his nose to the outside, as the 31 of Schultz fell back, the 21 of Shane Morrissey was forced to make the track three wide out of turn 3 with 30 laps still left in the race. The 32 of Haley Kapp was steadily gaining ground and was able to find her way to 3rd as the race was reeled into the midway point. Kapp was able to close the gap on Bernhagen with 20 to go. Coming out of turn 3, Rich Schumann was able to drive right around the outside of Morrissey for third. Haley Kapp did an awesome job of making herself know among the boys. She was able to work her way further and further into the corner, gradually gaining inch after inch on Bernhagen. Kapp was finally able to pass Burnhagen with Schumann following close to her bumper. Before Kapp was able to complete a full lap in the top position, the 67 of Nolden parked his race car on the front stretch with what looked like engine trouble, causing a caution. Because the yellow was thrown before Kapp was able to complete a full lap, the line up was set back to the last completed lap. Bernhagen was put back into the leading position as Schumann, Mondiek and Dale Nottestad all choose the outside lane for the restart. As the field went back green, the 44 of Mondeik slapped the back stretch wall. He was able to re gain control of his car and safely pull it into the pits. As Schumann and Kapp raced side by side, it was Schumann who eventually slipped up, allowing Kapp to keep her position in 2nd. After taking back control of his machine, Schumann tried every trick in the book to work around the 32 of Kapp. Ultimately, Schumann was unsuccessful and even left the bottom lane open for Morrissey to squeeze by and take the 3rd spot. As the the race came to an end, the action erupted between Morrissey and Schumann! On the final lap, Schumann and Morrissey came out of 4 side by side and ended up finishing the race with a tie for 3rd place! Burnhagen was very proud of his win, and his competition, stating "Haley Kapp did a hell of a job tonight!". 

Great job and congratulations to all of out drivers, you all put on a great show for our fans week after week! 


Late Model 
1- Jesse Bernhagen 28 
2- Haley Kapp 32 
3- Shane Morrissey 21 
3- Rich Schumann 54 
5- Steve Dobbratz 52 
6- Dillon Hammond 75 
7- Dale Nottestad 51 
8- Larry Schotten 31S 
9- Michael Clapper 15 
10- Kelsey Schultz 31 
11- Grant Griesbach 17 
12- Michael Ehde 18 
13- Chris Storey 66 
14- Chad Miller 55 
15- Hunter Drefahl 7 
16- Justin Mondeik 44 
17- Nick Nolden 67 
18- Tyler Sauter 6 
19- Nick Roehl 52 

1-Davey Pennel 29 
2- Dave Trute 2 
3- Randy Breunig 23 
4- Scott Luck 12 
5- Cody Hubred 20 
6- Daron Fish 360 
7- Brandon Birdsill 23 
8- Mahlon Borntreger 08 
9- Bryce Miller 11 
10- Mitch Lyden 21 

1- James Junget 27 
2- Colton Morgan 39 
3- Josh Mazur 26 
4- Dan Bagley 49 
5- Jim Lapp 96 
6- Dave Lembke 06 
7- Jesse Johnson 38 
8- John Preston 23 
9- Chevy Schoff 6S 
10- Marty Tackes 24 

Outlaw Bandits 
1- Kyle Stark 192 
2- John Handeland 19 
3- Tim Anderson 272 
4- Georgae Sparkman 5 
5- Ron Coppernoll 72 
6- Brandon Tackes 24 
7- Riley Zilmer 65 
8- Josh Mazur 26 
9- Tim Finstad 33 
10- Dave Lembke 06 
11- Ken Knapik 20 
12- Dave Treu, Jr. 
13- Cheri Kurth 07 

CSR Super Cup 
1- Jamie Domski 
2- Amanda Bohn 
3- Sydney Wonderling 
4- Zayne Feller 
5- Trevor Adams 
6- Steve Naples 
7- Zachary Tinkle 
8- Cayla Domski 
9- Jack Rouston 
10- Preston Stoecker 
11- Mike Naples 
12- Noah Eisenhower 

Steve Dobbratz Wins Limited Late Model Feature At DRP Photo by Blaser Photography

DRP Mother's Day Special Recap


The 2015 season at Dells Raceway Park sure is the year of broken records! 

Garett Goodwin, Nick Roehl, Tyler Sauter and Chris Storey with transfer through the B-Main to race in the Late Model Feature. 

The 67 of Todd Schmitz and number 6 car of Vince Bartolota where on the front line, followed by Shelby Berlin and Jacob Nottestad to start the Legend Feature. Bartolota immediately took the lead as the 67 of Schmitz fell into third place. Aaron Moyer was on the move right out of the gate, he quickly made his way from sixth to third place within the first 5 laps. Shelby Berlin tried her best to hold onto second as Moyer filled her rear view mirror. With twelve laps to go Moyer makes his move to pass the number 24 for the second place spot. Moyer took his Legend car to the outside of Bartolota. Just as Moyer tried to make a move for the first position, Albert Sachs Spun in the 4th corner. After a few side by side laps, Bartolota lost his leading position to the number 140 of Aaron Moyer. The number 16 of Matt Berlin made his way to the third position followed by his sister Shelby Berlin in 4th and Todd Schmitz rounded out the top 5. 

The Outlaw Bandit race started off with a wreck in turn 4 before they where able to complete the first lap. The wreck collected the number 72 of Ron Coppernoll with a flat left front tire, the front row cars number 33 of Tim Finstad and the 11 car of Arch Preston. The number 88 car of Dennis Delaney held tough to his lead as John Handeland and George Sparkman teamed up on the outside. With 5 to go, the 5 Car of Sparkman was getting impatient. The 19 of Handeland and 5 of Sparkman split Delaney to take over the front row, moving him into third. Sparkman took the high side as Handeland claimed the low groove as they came out of turn number four going for the green, Sparkaman was able to take the checkered flag by a fender over Handeland. What an exciting clean sweep night for Sparkman, the driver out of Loves Park, IL. Not only did he Qualify as fast time, win his heat race and dominate the feature, but he also now holds the new Outlaw Bandit Track Record with a 16.046! 

Thomas Fara went down low and Mahlon Borntrager went high after they took the Sportsman Feature Green flag. The top 12 cars managed to keep a packed field of side by side racing for the first 5 laps of the 25 lap feature. Borntreger hung outside as Kevin Gilding passed down low. The number 24 of Kyle Wolosek crowded the top two cars, as he followed close behind in third. Doug Paul made his move to take over the top spot. After starting in the back of the pack, Dave Trute made his way to the middle of the group before the half way mark. Mitch Lyden fell back to 5th as the number 7 of Rick Coppernoll made his way to 3rd. So far this season, Dave Trute has made himself very comfortable with the top groove. Once again Trute passed around the outside to move into the third spot with 6 laps to go. Kyle Wolosek didn't make it easy for Trute as they battled for the second position with only 4 laps left in the race. Doug Paul escorted the field with a straight away lead as they reached the three to go mark. With only 2 laps left, Trute quickly chased down the leader of Doug Paul. In the end Dave Trute came up short, losing by only a car length in the end. 

Michael Clapper and Shane Morrissey took over the front row, shuffling the 44 of Justin Mondeik backwards. Just under 10 laps into the race Morrissey dove below Clapper working him for the lead. The number 52 car of Steve Dobbratz observed and opportunity and took a chance to follow Morrissey past Michael Clapper. The 17 car driven by Grant Griesbach made a move to the outside of Mondeik, battling him for 4th place. With just over 20 laps to go, Dobbratz made himself known as he dove low looking toward the inside of Morrissey for first. Rich Schumann, Jr. put on a great show as he entertained the crowd moving from almost last place to 6th with only half of the race completed. The reigning track Champion of Nick Nolden fought Schumann side by side for fifth with just 15 laps left to go. After Schumann made his pass, Nolden followed him through to overcome Clapper for 4th with the 51 of Dale Nottestad close behind in 5th place. 

In the last feature of the night, the 51 Bandit car of Dan Snyder claimed his position in first on the first lap followed by Andrew Portzen in second. The 77 car of Dan Rozek fought off Josh Mazur as Rozek pinched up close to the bumper of Portzen, making sure to not allow too much space between them. With 15 to go, Snyder claimed a 6 car length lead over Portzen. The 26 of Mazur looked to the outside of Rozek with 10 laps to go as the 27 car of James Junget became antsy in 8th place. Dan Snyder was able to create an even larger lead as Portzen and Rozek became caught behind a rookie lap car with 5 laps to go. For the second consecutive week, Colton Morgan was a great contender. This week, Morgan was able to make his way from 12th place to fifth during the 20 lap feature! 


Late Model Feature 
#52 Steve Dobbratz 
#21 Shane Morrissey 
#54 Rich Schumann, Jr. 
#67 Nick Nolden 
#51 Dale Nottestad 
#15 Michael Clapper 
#17 Grant Griesbach 
#32 Haley Kapp 
#75 Dillon Hammond 
#28 Jesse Bernhagen 
#31S Larry Schotten 
#52 Nick Roehl 
#44 Justin Mondeik 
#18 Michael Ehde 
#31 Kelsey Schultz 
#29 Garett Goodwin 
#66 Chris Storey 
#6 Tyler Sauter 

#26 Doug Paul 
#2 Dave Trute 
#24 Kyle Wolosek 
#7 Rick Coppernoll 
#21 Mitch Lyden 
#97 Chris Weber 
#12 Scott Luck 
#29 Davey Pennel 
#23BB Brandon Birdsill 
#5 Kevin Gilding 
#08 Mahlon Borntreger 
#11 Bryce Miller 
#65 Riley Zillmer 
#18 Thomas Fara 

#5 George Sparkman 
#19 John Handeland 
#24 Brandon Tackes 
#26 Josh Mazur 
#88X Dennis Delaney 
#33 Tim Finstad 
#72 Ron Coppernoll 
#11 Arch Preston 

#51 Dan Snyder 
#43 Andrew Portzen 
#77 Dan Rozek 
#23 John Preston 
#39 Colton Morgan 
#0 Ren Revels 
#26 Josh Mazur 
#24 Marty Tackes 
#27 James Junget 
#49 Dan Bagley 
#96 Jim Lapp 
#6 Jake Hassler 
#8D Logan Delaney 
#14 Hanna Raley 
#6S Chevy Schoff

Tim Schendel Wins At Dells Raceway Park Photo By: Blaser Photography

Tim Schendel Wins Cabin Fever 60 At DRP


Wisconsin Dells, WI (May 1st, 2015)- The Dells Raceway Park, 53rd Annual Season opener was an exciting evening of racing! Including, a broken track record or two! 

Usually Super Late Model Dash races are more of a "Parade of Cars" than a peddle to the metal all out competition, not tonight! If you weren't at Dells Raceway Park on May 2nd, you missed out! The first few laps of the SLM dash started out as the perfect show of cars, but that didn't last! Only 4 laps after the green flag was thrown, the action erupted! By the 6th lap the 22 machine of Landry Potter started to get a little squirrely, Potter was able to re gain just enough control of his race car to save it from kissing the wall going into turn 3 and was able to pull off the track to safety! Going into the 7th lap Brian Johnson, Jr. #17 out of Machesney Park, IL. sure began to give the 17 car of Greg Pawelski a run for his money! After a lap of door to door action Pawelski was able to beat Johnson out of turn four to take the checkered. Some may look at a simple dash race as a not so rewarding victory, but for Greg Pawelski its a huge triumph since this was his first ever race behind the wheel of a Super Late Model race car! 

What an exciting show those Outlaw Bandits provided! Only 3 laps into the Outlaw Bandit feature, the top four drivers where able to pull away from the field. Five laps after the green flag, a tough fight was going on for 2nd place. Dennis Delaney is able to hold on to the top spot for a short 8 laps before Ron Coppernoll made a pass and took the first position. John Handeland sure held his own against Coppernoll. Handland's car looked to handle well as he was able to get a better entrance into turn one and a great run coming out of turn 2 allowing him to take the first place as Coppernoll fought to keep his number 72 car off the back stretch wall. Mark English looked to have mechanical issues and fell off the pace with only three to go. Luckily, he was able to pull his race car safely into the pits. Round of applause to James Junget and Dennis Delaney for putting on a great show while battling for the 3rd place finish. Handland took the checkered with a straightaway between his back bumper and the nose of the number 72 car of Coppernoll in 2nd position. 

While the Dells Raceway Park Sportsman took the green flag, Jeff Nehrkorn's car looked strong as he took the lead on lap 2 over the 18 of Thomas Farra. Mitch Lydon made a quick move 4 laps in to make the pass on Scott Luck for fourth place. Nehrkorn and Farra fell off as Chris Weber and Rick Copperoll made their way to the top two spots. Weber in the 97 car dove down low to the inside of Coppernoll for a side by side battle, Weber took the lead with 19 to go. Scott Luck sure did a great job of utilizing the outside groove to gain positions throughout the field. Dave Trute quickly gained speed as he made his way through the field. Trute was the man to watch while he made his way from 11th to 3rd place in only quick 15 laps. The number 2 of Trute quickly closed in on the leader, Chris Weber! With 6 laps to go, Weber lost his battle but he defiantly didn't give it up easy. Ultimately, the "Team Dean's" driver Dave Trute, was able to make his move coming out of turn two to claim his Win and park his Dean's Satellite sponsored Machine in the Weaver Auto Parts Victory Lane. 

The Super Late Model race quickly turned to chaos as they came out of corner number two on the second lap. The front row of Ken Reiser and the number 44 of Mike Lichtfeld got together, causing Lichtfeld to spin directly in front of the field. The 25 of Jeff Storm, 87 car driven by Collin Reftner and the number 11 Bobby Kendall where all victems of the wreckage. Storm and Kendall where able to drive their cars into the pits. Unfortunately, the 87 car diven by Reftner had to be pulled off the track with a wrecker, ending his night early. Neither Reiser nor Lichtfeld honored the Gentleman's Agreement by claiming fault of the wreck, resulting in both drivers losing their positions on the front row and they where both sent to the back of the pack. Before our Flag man Arne Thompson was able to bring the field back to green flag racing, Ken Reiser pulled into the pits for an unknown reason and Kendall was able to make it back onto the track to take the restart. As the cone was put out on the back stretch, Frank Nitzke and Tim Schendel chose the outside groove behind the leader of Alex Prunty. As the green flag was dropped, an immediate combat broke out between Schendel and Ben Pettis for the third position. For a short while, Pettis was able to hold off Schendel but not for long! It only took 6 laps of green flag racing for Tim Schendel to work around Pettis and slide past Nitzke into second place. After being sent to the back on the first lap, the 44 machine of Lichtfeld was able to gain 7 positions in only 10 short laps! Schendel was able to obtain the lead from Prunty, but Prunty was holding on strong to the back bumper of Schendel. Pettis and Nitzke fought a long hard war against each other for the fourth position, Brian Johnson, Jr. took the opportunity to follow Pettis past Nitzke. With thirty laps to go, Greg Pawelski was still holding onto a strong 5th place position. As Prunty gave it his all on the outside lane to hold off Pettis, he just couldn't hold on long enough. With Pettis in second and 24 laps to go, Cory Jankowski spins on his own while exiting turn 4. After a short caution, Schendel immediately pulled away from the field, Pettis took second and Johnson fell into third. Just before 10 laps to go, Lichtfield passed the 17 of Johnson. During the last ten laps, a lot of space accumulated between the top three drivers. As they approached the 5 laps to go mark, Storm was able to close in on Prunty, which detonated an exciting side by side battle for 5th place. Ultimately Storm came up short, finishing in 6th place. "We all need a little luck now and then." Tim Schendel said gratefully referring to his victory, especially after a difficult off-season. Second place driver, Mike Lichtfeld was a class act and presented the crowd with a great interview and even apologizing for accidentally getting into fellow driver (Johnson) during the race. I believe I speak for all spectators who where in attendance as I issue a huge thank you to all of our Super Late Model drivers for always providing a compelling display of power, sportsmanship and simply good, enjoyable racing! 

The Bandits sure do put meaning to the saying "Rubbing is Racing"! Not even a quarter of the way through the twenty lap feature, the entire field was side by side and The number 77 of Dan Rozek became antsy while sitting on the second row inside. Rozek ended up pushing into the number 13 of Josh Bisbee while driving down the back stretch causing Bisbee to spin in the middle of the turn 3 and 4 corner. As the cone was put out to pick a racing line, only John Preston and James Junget choose the the outside groove. Colton Morgan quickly made his appearance known as he worked his way to the front of the pack. With less than 10 to go, he stole the second position and made his way around Portzen for the lead in just 3 short laps. The 24 of Tackes and the 8 of Delaney spun in turn two, causing the field to take the green as a single file restart. After starting the race in almost the last position, Colton Morgan was able to secure his win with a straightaway lead over the rest of the field.




1. Morgan

2. Junget

3. Portzen

4. Preston

5. Snyder

6. Mazur

7. Bagley

8. Rozek

9. Delaney

10. Tackes

11. Schoff

12. Bisbee

13. Lapp

14. Lembke


Outlaw Bandits-

1. Handeland

2. Coppernoll

3. Delaney

4. Junget

5. Tackes

6. English

7. Finstad

8. Knapik



1. Trute

2. Weber

3. Luck

4. Coppernoll

5. Lyden

6. Pennel

7. Paul

8. Birdsill

9. Farra

10. Borntreger

11. Miller

12. Nehrkorn

13. Zillmer


Super Late Models-

1. Schendel

2. Pettis

3. Lichtfeld

4. Johnson, Jr.

5. Prunty

6. Storm

7. Tolf

8. Nitzke

9. Pawelski

10. Breiner

11. Jacoby

12. Jankowski

13. Kendall

14. Reiser

15. Reftner



May, 9th- 2015!

MOTHER'S DAY SPECIAL!- All Escorted Ladies receive free general admission! 

Late Model, Sportsman, Bandits, Outlaw Bandits and Legend cars!


NEW for the 2015 season, Dells Raceway Park is introducing a spin on the typical season pass, featuring huge savings! The new pass will be in the form of a punch card. For only $200 you will receive a card which will be good for 20 racing events of your choice including special events, excluding only the ARCA Midwest Tour race on June,13th. That breaks down to only $10 per event, resulting in savings from $2-$7 per race! You are in control of how you would like to use your punches. You can use them one at a time for yourself, or bring all of your friends for a night of fun and redeem multiple punches at once! Season Passes are available for purchase now on our Website and will be conveniently ready for pickup at Grandstand ticket window #1. On race day, Season Passes will be on hand for purchase at all Grandstand ticket windows.

Make sure to join us Saturday, May, 9th for our Mother's Day Special! 


By, K.Lensing


For more information, please visit us online at or on social media 


2015 Season Schedule 

Date Title Adults
Seniors 65+
Students 10-15
4/18 ICEBREAKER Practice- Super Late Models & Great Northern Sportsman 
Free Admission in Grandstands / Pit Pass $15 2pm-5pm
4/19 Ice Breaker 100 
Super Late Models 100 Lap A-Main Event $3000 To Win
(Based on 24 cars)
Great Northern Sportsman Series 40 Lap A-Main $500 To Win
TT @ 12:30 Racing @ 2pm (Non-DRP Points Event for SLM Special Event Rules)
$17 $15 FREE
4/25 Practice Open To All Divisions 
Tech-Safety Inspection (11am-4pm) / Open Practice (12pm-5pm) / Pit Pass $15
5/2 Cabin Fever 60 - 53rd Annual Season Opener 
TT @ 5:30 Racing 7pm Super Late Model 60, Sportsman, Bandits, Outlaw Bandits 
$13 $11 FREE
5/6 Night Practice Starts (5pm-Dark) 
Every Weds May 6th-Aug 26th Pit Pass $15
5/9 Mother’s Day Special Escorted Ladies Free Admission 
Late Model 40, Sportsman, Bandits, Outlaw Bandits, Legend Cars 
$12 $10 FREE
5/16 American Ethanol Super Truck Series 37/Armed Forces Appreciation Night 
Super Late 60,Sportsman,Bandits, Outlaw Bandits, Super Trucks, Am Super Cup 
$13 $11 FREE
5/23 2nd Annual Rich Siedschlag Memorial 50 / Dewalt Tool Night 
Late Model 50, Sportsman, Bandits, Outlaw Bandits, CSR Super Cup Cars 
$12 $10 FREE
5/24 Sunday-Memorial Day Mechanical Mayhem 
Starts at 6pm / Gates Open at 4pm 
Monster Truck Thrill Show Plus: Spectator Eliminator Races, School Bus Races, Gauntlet Race, Roll Over Contest, Flag Pole Race, Auto Soccer, Car Tag & More…. 
Plus: Thunder Cats World Class FIREWORKS EXTRAVAGANZA! 
$15 $13 FREE
5/30 Lyle Nabbefeldt Memorial 55 /Scout Night/ CWRA Challenge Series
Super Late Model 55, Sportsman, Bandits, Outlaw Bandits 
LM-OFF (CWRA Super Late Model Co-Sanctioned Event w/DRP ) rain date 6/27
$13 $11 FREE
6/6 VORES Compact Traveling Tour Series 
Late Models 40, Sportsman, Legends, Bandoleros, CTS Compact Tour Series
SLM-OFF, Bandits & Outlaws OFF (All Bandits Welcome to race with CTS Tour)
$12 $10 FREE
6/13 ARCA Midwest Tour Bill Meiller Memorial 101 Presented by Assembly Products 
ARCA Midwest Tour Super Late Models, Mid AmericanStock Car Series 50 & Bandits 
LM-OFF Sportsman & Outlaws-OFF
6/20 4th Annual Josh Blum Memorial 50 - Burnout Contest 
Late Model 50, Sportsman, Bandits, Outlaw Bandits, Midwest Truck Series 
$12 $10 FREE
6/27 Marlin Walbeck Classic 60 / CWRA Challenge Series 
Super Late Model 60, Bandits, Outlaw Bandits, Legends, Bandoleros 
LM-OFF & Sportsman-OFF (CWRA Co-Sanctioned Event w/DRP ) rain date 8/29
$13 $11 FREE
7/4 Independence Night of Thrills 
Starts at 6pm / Gates Open at 4pm 
Monster Truck Thrill Show / Green Mamba Jet Car / The Demolition Devil 
All on One Night Performing Car Crushing Stunts, Iron Melting Mayhem & Death Defying Acts, School Bus Races & Spectator Eliminator Races, Ring of Fire Bus Jump, Domino Triple Car Jump, Barrel Rolls, Moving Ramp Jump & More… 
Plus: Thunder Cats World Class FIREWORKS EXTRAVAGANZA!!
$15 $13 FREE
7/11 Mid-Season Championship 50 / Outlaw 600 Modifieds 
Late Model 50, Sportsman, Bandits, Outlaw Bandits, Legends, Outlaw 600 Modifieds 
$12 $10 FREE
7/18 TUNDRA Super Late Model Series- 60 Lap Feature / Dewalt Tool Night 
Super Late Model 60, Sportsman, Bandits, Outlaw Bandits, CSR Super Cup 
LM-OFF (Not a DRP Points Event for SLM, TUNDRA Points Only for SLM)
$15 $13 FREE
7/25 Kids Night On Track Penny Scramble 
Late Model 40, Bandits, Outlaw Bandits, Am Super Cup, Midwest Trucks 
OFF & Sportsman-OFF
$12 $10 FREE
8/1 Historic Auto Attractions Night / Midwest Vintage Series/ INEX Legends 
Late Model 50, Sportsman, Bandits, Legends, Vintage Race Cars 
SLM-OFF & Outlaws-OFF
$12 $10 FREE
8/8 Summer Sizzler 60 
Super Late Model 60, Sportsman, Bandits, Outlaw Bandits, Legends, Bandoleros, 
$13 $11 FREE
8/15 3rd Annual Habelman Cranberry 100 - Continuous 100 Laps! 
Super Late Model 100, Sportsman, Bandits, Outlaw Bandits 
LM-OFF (*DRP Points Event for all SLM )
$17 $15 FREE
8/22 Kids Bike Night / On Track Bike Presentations By Drivers 
Late Model 40, Sportsman, Bandits, Outlaw Bandits, Am Super Cup, WI Sport Trucks 
$12 $10 FREE
8/29 Performance Parts Supply 60 
Super Late Model 60, Sportsman, Bandits, Outlaw Bandits, Legends, Bandoleros 
$13 $11 FREE
9/5 Labor Day 50 Plus: Spectator Eliminator Races 
Late Model 50 ,Sportsman, Bandits, Outlaw Bandits, Legends 
$12 $10 FREE
9/6 Labor Day of Doom Destruction Starts at 6pm / Gates Open at 4pm
The Demolition Devil, Performing Death Defying Acts, Bus Jump, Domino Triple Car Jump, Barrel Rolls, School Bus Races, Gauntlet Race, Auto Soccer, Car Tag, Flag Pole Race, Spectator Eliminator Races & “The Great American Trailer Race”. 
Plus: Thunder Cats World Class FIREWORKS EXTRAVAGANZA!!
$15 $13 FREE
9/12 Season Championship Night Extended Features All Classes 
Super Late Model 75 , Late Model 50, Sportsman, Bandits, Outlaw Bandits, Legends
$13 $11 FREE
9/24 Open Practice Showdown Weekend 
Open practice for all divisions - Noon to Dark
9/25 4th Annual September Showdown Weekend 
Late Models, Sportsman, Bandits, Outlaw Bandits, Legends 
(Non-A-Main Winners of 2015 Features) Plus Showdown Features All Divisions
$13 $11 FREE
9/26 4th Annual September Showdown Finale (CWRA Reunion Night) 
Super Late Models (Co-Sanctioned-CWRA Challenge Series Championship Night) 
Late Models, Sportsman, Bandits, Outlaws, Outlaw Modified 600’s, Midwest Trucks
$15 $13 FREE
9/27 Showdown Rain Date  - - -
10/25 1st Annual FALLOWEEN 100 / Super Late Model 100 A-Main Event / Bandit Nationals 
TT @ 11:30 Racing @ 1pm
$17 $15 FREE