Nick Nolden & Dave Trute Claim DRP Headliners

Late Model Points Leader Nick Nolden held off a hard charging Dan Lensing in the final laps to pick up the Late Model A-Main Feature. Lensing took the Jacoby Waterproofing Ultimate Challenge for a chance to Win an extra $1000 by starting shotgun on the field & came up 1 position short. In Sportsman Action it was Dave Trute charging through the field to win the Sportsman A-Main. Dennis Delaney Won his first ever feature win in he Bandit A-Main Feature holding off Riley Zilmer & James Junget. Bob Sauer won his second ever A-Main Feature over Travis Hancock & Brandon Junget had a Clean Sweep in the Outlaw Bandit A-Main. Al Roberts Won the Spectator Eliminator Contest. A Big Thank You to all the Fans & Teams that come out to Your very own Dells Raceway Park & See You all Sunday Night at 6pm for the Labor Day Of Doom Night of Destruction.

Late Model Feature Finish 
1 67 Nick Nolden 40
2 19 Dan Lensing 40
3 55 Rich Schumann Jr. 40
4 11 Alex Prunty 40
5 28 Jesse Bernhagen 40
6 21 Shane Morrissey 40
7 32 Haley Kapp 40
8 71 Morgan Schissel 40
9 52R Nick Roehl 40
10 34 Jim Bates 40
11 2P Shayne Ponenhelt 40
12 31S Larry Schotten 40
13 31 Kelsey Shultz 40
14 88 Ken Jacoby 32
15 93 Brad Muller 10
Dash: Nick Nolden Heat: Morgan Schissel Fast Qual: Lensing 14.316

Sportsmen Feature Finish 
1 21 Dave Trute 25
2 23b Randy Breunig 25
3 26 Doug Paul 25
4 12 Scott Luck 25
5 77 Mike Winters 25
6 97 Chris Weber 25
7 24S Cliff Sauey 25
8 23bb Brandon Birdsill 25
9 22 Brad Warthen 25
10 08 Marlin Yoder 25
11 7 Rick Coppernoll 25
12 04 Ron Grabarski 25
13 45 Lee Gray 19
14 24 Kyle Wolosek
Dash: Randy Breunig Heat:Brandon Birdsill Fast Qual:Scott Luck 15.213

Bandit Feature Finish 
1 88x Dennis Delaney 18
2 65 Riley Zilmer 18
3 27 James Junget 18
4 26 Josh Mazur 18
5 39 Colton Morgan 18
6 51 Dan Snyder 18
7 49 Dan Bagley 18
8 23 John Preston 18
9 28 Tom Steinback 18
10 8 Logan Delaney 18
11 43 Andrew Portzen 18
12 06 Dave Lembke 18
13 96 Jim Lapp 18
14 85 Jim Heiking 18
15 2 Katelynn Portzen 18
16 13P Cody Paul 18
17 18 Alen Ray 5
Odd Dash: Riley Zilmer Even Dash: Dylan Delaney Heat: Andrew Portzen Fast Qualifier : Colton Morgan 16.974

Hobby Stock Feature Finish 
1 81 Bob Sauer 18
2 62 Travis Hancock 18
3 02 Adam Johnson 18
4 29 Jeff Burrows 18
5 13G Becky Grabarski 18
6 Martin Kentopp DNS
Heat:Jeff Burrows Fast Qual: Travis Hancock 15.935

Outlaw Bandit Feature Finish
1 11 Brandon Junget 15
2 72 Ron Coppernoll 15 
3 241 Brandon Johnson 15
4 33 Tim Finstad 15
Heat: Junget Fast Qual: Junget 16.396

Spectator Eliminator Winner: Al Roberts

Lensing Shines on Penny Night @ DRP 8-9-14

The Roscoe Rocket Man Dan Lensing Won the Late Model Feature Saturday night @ Dells Raceway Park. Morgan Schissel & Dillon Hammond paced the field to green with Hammond set sail. Then Rich Schumann Jr. ran down Hammond & took the lead & became involved in a fierce battle with Jesse Bernhagen. As the battle with Bernhagen & Schumann heated up Lensing started stalking the pair & when opportunity knocked Lensing was there & took the lead as Bernhagen & Schumann got together coming off turn four & pocketed the win. In Sportsman Action Randy Breunig from Columbus came out on top of an exciting 3 way battle with Dave Trute & Scott Luck with Breunig coming out with Top honors. In the Hobby Stocks Travis Hancock continued his winning ways by making last race pass of Jeff Burrows for the A-Main Win. In the Outlaws it was former Bandit Champion Brandon Junget returning to form pulling the clean sweep by setting fast time, & winning the Heat & A-main. In the Bandit division it was Riley Zilmer holding off Fast Qualifier James Junget for his first ever Bandit Feature Win. In the Legends Division it was Cory Talaska holding off Aaron Moyer for the A-Main Win. A Big Thank You to all the Fans & Race teams who came out to your very own Dells Raceway Park.
Late Models A-Main
1-Dan Lensing
2-Jesse Bernhagen
3-Nick Nolden
4-Rich Schumann Jr.
5- John DeAngelis Jr.
6-Dillon Hammond
7-Haley Kapp
8-Morgan Schissel
9-Larry Schotten
10-Shane Morrissey
11-Joel Weilman
12-Jim Bates
13-Nick Roehl
14-Ken Jacoby
15-Andy Schaff
16-Jody Ems
17-Brent Kirchner
Dash: Nick Nolden / Heat#1 Nick Roehl / Heat#2 Shane Morrissey Fast Qualifier: Nick Nolden 14.266

Sportsman A-Main
1-Randy Breunig
2-Dave Trute
3-Scott Luck
4-Marlin Yoder
5-Mike Winters
6-Chris Weber
7-Brandon Birdsill
8-Phil Smith
9-Doug Paul
10-Ron Grabarski
11-Daron Fish
12-Lee Gray
13-Kevin Gilding
14-Bic Arendsee DNS
Dash:Scott Luck / Heat: Doug Paul / Fast Qualifier: Luck 15.099

Hobby Stock A-Main
1-Travis Hancock
2-Jeff Burrows
3-Becky Grabarski
4-Jesse Hanson
5-Martin Kentopp
6-Brian Warner
Heat: Travis Hancock / Fast Qualifier: Jeff Burrows 15.690

Outlaws A-Main
1-Brandon Junget
2-Brandon Johnson
3-Ron Coppernoll
4-Tim Finstad
Heat:Junget Fast Qualifier: Junget 16.261


Bandits A-Main
1-Riley Zilmer
2-James Junget
3-Josh Bisbee
4-Logan Delaney
5-Dan Bagley
6-Josh Mazur
7-Dave Lembke
8-Colton Morgan
9-Jim Lapp
10-John Preston
11-Katelynn Portzen
12-Jim Heiking
13-Allen Ray
14-Andrew Portzen
Even Dash: Bagley / Odd Dash: Jim Lapp / Fast Qualifier: James Junget 16.966

Legends A-Main
1-Cory Talaska
2-Aaron Moyer
3-Kyle Jusits
4-Austin Kunert
5-Matt Berlin
6-Shelby Berlin
7-Grant Greisbach
8-Kyle Vergata
9-Todd Schmitz
10-Derrick Mueller
Heat: Aaron Moyer / Fast Qualifier: Talaska 15.557
Frank Nitzke and Corey Jankowski Duel At DRP (WARN Photo)

Jankowski Wins 2nd Twin 30 And Overall Title At Dells Raceway Park


Written By: Gregg Paul


Fresh off a feature win at Golden Sands Speedway the night before, as well as a third in the opening feature at Dells Raceway Park, Corey Jankowski picked up the win in the second feature by holding off Frank Nitzke for both the race and overall titles. Jankowski’s ever present personality certainly shined through even if his unorthodox approach doesn’t always meet with the desired results.

Jankowski struggled with a loose car in the first feature, but the break is all he needed to improve upon that third place run.


“That’s what you pit for and try to correct it so you come back out a little better,” said Jankowski. “It was a good night for me, a good night for my crew, and last night was a good night showing and I can’t wait to come back and do it again.”


Jerry Blystone and Haley Kapp started the second feature on the front row with Blystone getting the early lead. Kapp was extremely loose in turn two but gathered the car back up and held second. Kapp didn’t stay in second for long as Nitzke and Ken Reiser got by on lap 4. Kapp would lose fourth a lap later to Jankowski as her struggles continued.


Blystone stretched out his lead over Nitzke until Nitzke began to close back in. Nitzke was back on Blystone’s bumper on lap 10. Jankowski used the chrome horn to move Reiser up the hill in turn three to take over third on lap 12.


Jankowski was clearly a man on the move as he closed in on both Nitzke and Blystone. Perhaps Blystone felt the pressure from behind as coming off turn four on lap 14, Blystone got extremely loose. Before he could catch the car, Jankowski got by Nitzke and Blystone for the lead. Nitzke also got by Blystone and a lap later Reiser would move past into third.


Jankowski stretched out his lead to half a straightaway as the only race for position was going on far behind. Kapp ducked inside of Blystone on lap 21, but Blystone closed the door. Kapp tried to move to the outside but clipped the front of Mike Lichtfeld breaking off pieces of Lichtfeld’s right side fender bringing out the yellow.


Just as the race resumed, the hood on Lichtfeld flipped up over the roof blocking the windshield and caused Lichtfeld to stop on track to bring out another yellow.


Jankowski jumped out to the lead again on the restart an opened up a few car lengths on Nitzke in second. Nitzke tried to reel Jankowski back in, but slipped off of turn two. Ken Reiser tried to get inside of Nitzke but could not complete the pass.


No one was going to catch Jankowski as the laps wound down and Jankowski picked up his second win in two nights. Jankowski also won the overall title on this night as his win and third place finish outscored Nitzke’s pair of seconds.

Jankowski was essentially on cruise control when he picked up the lead early on.


“Once you get out to that lead you concentrate on making sure your tires are clean, staying away from any debris on the track and stuff like that,” said Jankowski. “It was fun and I can’t wait to come back and do it again.”


The track conditions and the driving style of Jankowski compared to others worked to his advantage despite the carnage on the evening.


“It was comical on my part because I don’t really get serious into racing,” said Jankowski. “I’ve got this mentality level in my head now where I don’t care if I am first or last. I just come out and have fun. I’ve got that in my head now and you can’t stop me it seems like. I did that last night and with everything going wrong, springs failing… they were lined up and my car wasn’t on the scales yet up at Golden Sands and my guys are thrashing on it. Everything kept cool and calm because you’re not upset. If we didn’t make it we didn’t make it. We didn’t care. We go out there and we did our best and we got the job done. Tonight we did the same thing.”


Still despite the outward appearance of chaos, Jankowski still has a plan in mind.


“I don’t get hot, I might push you a little bit when push comes to shove because you got to get the car fixed,” said Jankowski. “Tonight was one of those deals where I gotta have some numbers on it guys and I’ve got to have this. When I was out there for the first 30 I knew what the car was doing and as soon as we came back for the next 30 we’re rockin’ and rollin’.”


Rockin’ and rollin’ is definitely something you always see with Jankowski. The “I don’t care” attitude is apparent as well. Sometimes that can be more trouble, but on this night it seemd to be the thing that worked.

  1.     31 Corey Jankowski
  2.     18 Frank Nitzke
  3.      2 Ken Reiser
  4.     32 Haley Kapp
  5.     95 Jerry Blystone
  6.     71 Morgan Schissel
  7.     32 Steve Lichtfeld
  8.    44 Mike Lichtfeld
  9.      4 Mike Gunderson
  10.    13 Mikie Breiner
  11.    22 Landry Potter    

Lichtfeld Nips Nitzke To Win 1st Twin 30 At Dells Raceway Park


Written By: Gregg Paul


Mike Lichtfeld survived a first lap crash that blocked the front stretch, then a late race battle with Ken Reiser to win the first of two thirty lap features at Dells Raceway Park. The win was Lichtfeld’s third of the season at DRP.


“It was fun,” said Lichtfeld. “We’d get a little advantage on him (Reiser) and then the caution would come out and we’d have to go back to square one and re-work him again. Yeah, it was fun.”


Michael Gunderson and Morgan Schissel led the field to the green. This was Schissel’s maiden voyage in a super late model, but before he could get going the race went yellow before completing the first lap. Haley Kapp spun in turn three to force a restart from the top.


That was just a precursor to another first lap mishap on the next restart. Gunderson jumped out to the lead heading into turn one as the field remained bunched up behind. Landry Potter got loose off of turn four coming down the front stretch. Kelsey Bauer was bumped from behind and slid towards the wall where Bobby Kendall had already committed to go high around her. The gap closed and Kendall slammed into Bauer’s car and launched over the top of her car. Kendall’s car then hit the turn one wall before driving off the track in turn two. Bauer slid down the track leaving nowhere for Jason Tyler to go as he piled into her. All four drivers were unhurt but were done for the night, except for Potter. Potter made repairs just to take the green flag for the second feature before pulling off.


The race was red flagged for the cleanup, but when racing resumed Gunderson again got the jump of Schissel. Corey Jankowski moved past Schissel into second with Jerry Blystone in third. Just as the field began to settle in, the yellow would come out again on lap 3. Mikie Breiner spun in turn three right in front of Steve Lichtfeld. Breiner backed into the outside wall while Lichtfeld jumped hard on the brakes and skidded to a stop before contact.


Gunderson again got a great jump on the restart and Ken Reiser got inside of Jankowski for second. Reiser and Mike Lichtfeld used the cone to pick up spots for the restart and set them up for a run at the lead. Reiser opened the door for Lichtfeld to follow past Jankowski for third on lap 7.


Reiser ducked to the inside of Gunderman to take the lead on lap 10 and Lichtfeld jumped into the hole to move into second.


Jerry Blystone spun in turn three on lap 12 for yet another yellow, but no other contact was made. Two laps later Blystone would spin again, this time in turn one for another yellow.


Reiser held the lead on the restart, but Lichtfeld quickly moved to the inside in turn two. Reiser was able to slam the door and keep Lichtfeld in second. Lap after lap Lichtfeld would get to the inside of Reiser, but each time Reiser would maintain the lead.


Lichtfeld got a run heading into turn three with nine laps to go and this time made it stick as he cleared Reiser for the lead.


Mikie Breiner recovered from his earlier spin and moved past Gunderson and into the fifth spot with just seven laps to go. However coming off of turn two Breiner bounced off the back stretch wall and came down the track a bit. Schissel spun to avoid contact but brought out the yellow setting up a six lap shootout.


Lichtfeld slowly led the field to the green and apparently it wasn’t as fast as Reiser would have liked. Reiser bumped into Lichtfeld on the backstretch as if to say pick up the pace. Lichtfeld picked it up soon after and got the jump heading into turn one. Reiser got to the inside of Lichtfeld in turn three and raced side by side through turn four. Reiser got loose off of four and slid down the front stretch before nudging the inside wall with the rear of the car to bring out another yellow with five laps remaining.


Lichtfeld got the jump on the restart as Frank Nitzke moved past Jankowski and into second. Lichtfeld easily pulled away as he led the final laps to take the checkers for his third win of the year at DRP.


Lichtfeld was happy with the win, but knew the conditions factored in to how everyone drove after the big wreck.


“The track wasn’t very good tonight obviously with putting all that stuff down,” said Lichtfeld. “It’s the same for everybody so we all gotta make our way through it. It’s just an aspect of racing.”


Lichtfeld seeming has the aspect of winning at Dells Raceway Park down pretty good so far.

  1.  44 Mike Lichtfeld
  2.  18 Frank Nitzke
  3.  31 Corey Jankowski
  4.   4 Mike Gunderson
  5.  71 Morgan Schissel
  6.   32 Haley Kapp
  7.   95 Jerry Blystone
  8.      2 Ken Reiser
  9.   13 Mikie Breiner
  10.   32 Steve Lichtfeld
  11.     7 Kelsey Bauer
  12.   22 Landry Potter
  13.   11 Bobby Kendall
  14.     9 Jason Tyler 
Nick Nolden Sneaks Past Morgan Schissel (WARN Photo)


Nolden Shoots Past Schissel To Win At Dells Raceway Park


Written By: Gregg Paul


There is a saying in racing that sometimes you have to lose a race before you can win one. For Morgan Schissel, he got to experience the losing part of that saying when Nick Nolden snuck by on the final lap to win the late model feature at Dells Raceway Park. Schissel had taken the lead on lap 13 of the 40 lap feature and appeared headed for his first career win until Nolden forced his way inside of turn one on the final lap to steal the victory away.


“We had a real tight race car, we were running on old tires, and when (Jesse) bernhagen was behind us we were holding on for dear life,” said Nolden. “Then when I got a little taste of that leader (Schissel) all that goes out the rear view window and your sole focus is on him.”


Jim Bates and Natalie Decker led the field to the green flag with Bates taking the early lead. Decker seemed to struggle on the outside as the cars on the inside lane started to make their way around. Larry Schotten and Morgan Schissel led the parade past Decker, as Jesse Bernhagen looked to join them before Decker slammed the door.


Bates and Schotten raced nose to tail as Schissel moved in on the back of Schotten. Schissel then looked to the inside of Schotten in turn three to take over the second spot before moving in on Bates.


Schissel then looked to the inside of Bates in turn 3 on lap 10 and actually clipped the grass, but Bates held on to the spot. Schissel then moved to the outside three laps later to make the pass for the lead and opened up a few car lengths advantage.


The race’s first caution would fly on lap 14 when fast qualifier Dave Trute spun in turn four. When the cone appeared before the restart, Nick Nolden and Bernhagen took the outside lane picking up several spots in the process.


Schissel had the front row by himself for the restart and jumped out by a couple of car lengths. This time it was the inside lane that had trouble getting going as Bates was struggling with a loose car. Nolden and Bernhagen moved past Bates and Berhagen looked to the inside of Nolden but could not complete the pass.

Dave Trute would bring out the yellow again on lap 18 with another spin in turn four down the front straightaway. This time he had help from Nick Roehl and both would be sent to the rear.


Another restart with a similar result as Schissel took off and Bates struggled with a loose car in the inside lane. Nolden and Bernhagen both got past Bates, who was holding up the inside lane. Natalie Decker moved to the outside lane in an effort to pick up spots, but spun in turn two to bring out another yellow on lap 23.


Schissel once again would get a good restart, but this time had Nolden and Bernhagen side by side behind him as they took the green. Bernhagen got past Nolden on the outside and moved in on Schissel’s bumper. John DeAngelis Jr. and Haley Kapp moved into the top five as the battle was starting to heat up in the front with just fifteen laps to go.


Nolden looked to the inside of Bernhagen for second, but just as he made the pass Andy Niles got turned around with help from Schotten to bring out another yellow.


This set up a ten lap dash to the checkers with Schissel leading and Nolden and Bernhagen lined up behind him as racing resumed. Bernhagen followed Schissel into turn one and cleared Nolden in the process. Nolden inched closer to Bernhagen and looked to the outside to pass with seven to go.


Nolden set his sights on Schissel, but Nolden would have to earn the spot. Every time Nolden made a move Schissel made the counter move making his car as wide as possible. Nolden looked inside and Schissel countered. Nolden looked outside and Schissel drifted a bit wider. With just two laps to go entering turn one Nolden bumped the back of Schissel’s car and got him loose enough to pull even coming off the corner. Schissel fought back on the outside as they came to the white flag with Schissel slightly ahead at the line. Coming to turn three Nolden still had the inside lane and came off of four with the lead and got to the line first for the victory.


Nolden discussed the contact in turn one that opened the door for him to take the lead.


“Yeah I did a little bit,” said Nolden. “I knew he (Schissel) was going down to the bottom so the biggest thing is I had to get a tire up to his…my front tire to his rear tires just to make sure he stayed down there. Luckily he gave us the room and we had to earn it. We got the room and we were able to take the win.”


Losing a race that looked like he was going to win, Schissel was just as disappointed as one might think.


“After leading most of that race and losing it on the last lap…it was a hell of a race, but I am really disappointed,” said Schissel. “The first couple of yellows I expected with eighteen cars on a slick track it’s bound to happen. Then more and then more and then more. Nolden drove his ass off and it was just a throw up at the end there.”


Schissel had a smile but one could see the disappointment in his tone, but would chalk it up to just good racing.


“The last five laps I was really protecting my line,” said Schissel. “If I were him I probably would have done the same thing. We congratulated each other, there’s no hard feelings after the race. He’s a hell of a driver, so it was a fun race.”


A fun race indeed. Exactly what the fans have come to expect.



Nick Nolden



Morgan Schissel



John DeAngelis, Jr



Jesse Bernhagen



Haley Kapp



Dave Trute



Kelsey Schultz



Shane Morrissey



Natile Decker



Jim Bates



Jake Zellmer



Jordan Devoy

Lichtfeld Launches Past Kendall To Capture Cabin Fever 30 Second Feature At DRP


Written By:  Gregg Paul


Mike Lichtfeld picked up his first career Super Late Model feature victory in dramatic fashion at Dells Raceway Park. It all came down to a duel between Lichtfeld and Bobby Kendall, who picked up the win in the first feature of the evening. Kendall was able to take the lead with just three laps to go by using the lapped car of Haley Kapp as a pick, but Lichtfeld would keep the pressure on Kendall and battle back for the win. Lichtfeld would find his way past Kendall on the final lap to score the win.


Lichtfeld never thought he would be able to retake the lead after he lost it so late in the race.


“No, I really didn’t,” said Lichtfeld. “I knew I could get up off the corners better than Bobby and maybe I just need a rabbit out there because I was given ‘er all I had. We put up a great race, the fans gotta be happy after that one.”


The fans had to be happy after the first one when it was Kendall pulling off the last lap pass for the win on Michael Bilderback, but they had to be equally as happy seeing another last lap pass for the win in the second feature.


Haley Kapp started from the pole and led the first lap, but Lichtfeld quickly moved in on the fellow super late model rookie. Lichtfeld dove inside of Kapp coming into turn one and cleared her off of turn two. Rich Schuman Jr. followed into second and Brad Mueller in third.


Kapp continued to slide back in the pack as Bobby Kendall got past just before the yellow came out on lap 3. The hood from Nathan Matz’ car came off and landed on the track in turn two to cause the slowdown.


Mueller, Jimmy Olson, and Jeremy Miller took the outside lane when the cone appeared on the backstretch, while Schuman Jr., Kendall, and Kapp took to the inside. The leader at DRP gets to restart in the front row alone, so Lichtfeld would get the jump when racing resumed.


Lichtfeld and the entire inside lane took off as Mueller was having trouble getting going on the high side. Kendall looked to the inside of Schuman Jr. for second on lap 4 and began his pursuit of Lichtfeld for the lead.


Mueller found his way back into the third spot on lap 6 as he found the speed to get past Schuman Jr. while Lichtfeld and Kendall pulled away from the pack. The lead duo stretched out ten car lengths back to Mueller. Mueller soon had his hands full with Jeremy Miller. Miller and Mueller battled for a couple of laps before Jeremy moved past Brad for third on lap 13.


Lichtfeld and Kendall were set to battle to the finish. They put half a straightaway between themselves and Miller in third and traffic was not yet a factor. Kendall would stick the nose inside, but Lichtfeld would pull off the corners and hold the lead. Kendall would close back in and use the chrome horn but couldn’t get Lichtfeld loose enough to slice on by.


Then the leaders were approaching the lapped car of Haley Kapp and Kendall would use her as a pick to take the lead heading into turn one with three laps to go. Kendall had not shown any strength to the outside, but was able to make it stick when it counted. Lichtfeld would not be satisfied with settling for second.

Lichtfeld stuck the nose inside of Kendall heading into turn three and contact opened the door a bit wider. Kendall would not give up that easily as he battled back on the outside to pull even as they came to the white flag. However Kendall could not make it stick good enough on the outside and Lichtfeld would pull ahead at the checkers to secure the victory.


 “The car was a little bit tight but we had tremendous bite off,” said Lichtfeld. “That’s what won us the race, being able to get up off the corner. We had a good car. Not all day, we had to work for it. We had a good car in that first session. I just had a driver error and got into Kelsey (Bauer). 110% my fault and felt bad about that, so I wanted to redeem myself this race.”


Redemption is a great feeling, but an even better feeling when it is your first career win after moving up to the super late models.


“Oh my gosh! It hasn’t set in right now,” said Lichtfeld. “I didn’t even know if I won it when I won it. I lost radio communications after that first caution and I was watching my mirror. I knew Bobby (Kendall) would race me clean and we’d have some fun together.”


Kendall’s night wasn’t a total loss. Setting fast time and winning the first feature and coming within a fender for a clean sweep can never be a bad night. Though the soft spoken Kendall just brushed it off as a “that’s how it goes” kind of scenario.


“He’s (Lichtfeld) a good racer and we used up some of the tires and were a little bit loose at the end,” said Kendall. “It’s still a good finish, a first and a second, so let’s keep it rolling.”


Kendall took advantage of the lapped car of Haley Kapp and used her as a pick to make the pass for the lead. A smart move by the young racer.


“We seen her (Kapp) coming up so they were on the radio telling me,” said Kendall. “I knew too, so yeah a little bit. I just couldn’t stay ahead of Mike there at the end. I thought we were going to be able to get the win but he just had his tires saved up from the first race.”  


Results of Cabin Fever 30 2nd Feature



Mike Lichtfeld



Bobby Kendall



Jeremy Miller



Michael Bilderback



Ken Reiser



Brad JJ Mueller



Rick Schuman



Frank Nitzke



Steve Lichtfeld



Jim Olson



Nathan Matz



Jerry Blystone



Haley Kapp

Kendall Beats Bilderback To Capture Cabin Fever 30 First Feature At DRP


Written By: Gregg Paul


The Super Late Models returned to Dells Raceway Park for the Cabin Fever Twin 30’s, and in the first feature the fans were treated to a great show. Bobby Kendall set fast time in qualifying and managed to work his way through the field up into the second spot challenging Michael Bilderback for the lead with just a couple of laps to go. Kendall and Bilderback raced side by side over the last few laps before Kendall finally cleared for the lead and went on to score his first ever feature win in a super late model.


Kelsey Bauer and Rich Schuman Jr. led the field to the green with Bauer taking the early lead. Schuman Jr. fought back on the outside, but Bauer left enough of an opening on the inside for Michael Bilderback to sneak inside. Three wide usually doesn’t work at DRP, but all three drivers held their lines and Bilderback came out of turn four with the lead.


Just after completing the first lap, the yellow came out when Jeff Storm slammed the turn one wall. Apparently something in the right front suspension broke causing the car to not turn entering the corner. Storm was checked out by the medical team but was not hurt. Unfortunately the car was done for the evening.


Bilderback held the front row for the restart with Bauer and Mike Lichtfeld in the next row. Lichtfeld, Jeremy Miller, and Bobby Kendall took to the outside, while Bauer, Schuman Jr., and Brad Mueller stayed to the inside.


Bilderback took off with the green as Bauer and Lichtfeld battled for second. A few laps later Lichtfeld got into the back of Bauer coming off of turn two causing Bauer to spin in the middle of the backstretch. Bauer’s car was stopped right in the middle of the backstretch, but even though several cars managed to avoid her, Austin Nason was not as lucky. Nason piled into Bauer’s car and damaged his left front suspension. Bauer was able to drive back to the pit area and came back out after making minor repairs.


Bilderback would restart with the lead again, but this time had Mueller and Schuman Jr. behind him. When the green flag came out, Bilderback and the inside lane took off. Schuman Jr. had been bottoming out in the turns before the yellow, and that continued under green. Mueller made quick work moving into second, while Ken Reiser and Kendall also moved past into third and fourth respectively.


A little further back Nathan Matz came down in front of Kelsey Bauer in turn three on lap 11, and the subsequent contact forced Bauer into the infield. The race stayed green as Bauer was able to get back on track.


Kendall was on a mission to the front as he powered his way to the inside of Reiser. Kendall bumped Reiser heading into turn three on lap 13, but backed off to allow Reiser to keep the car under control. Kendall would make another attempt at the pass on lap 15 and this time moved into the third spot.


Bilderback opened up a four car length lead over Mueller by lap 17 as Mueller now had his mirrors filled by Kendall. Kendall dove to the inside of Mueller in turn three on lap 19 as Mueller pushed higher into the corner giving Kendall the spot.


Kendall now only had nine laps to run down Bilderback for the lead. Kendall was slowly gaining on Bilderback, but Kendall would catch a huge break when the yellow would come out with just three laps to go. Jeremy Miller had sparks flying from under the car and came to a stop in the backstretch causing the yellow.


The restart would be single file with Bilderback and Kendall nose to tail. The green came back out, but only for a lap as Steve Lichtfeld spun coming out of turn four to bring out the yellow again.


Another single file restart as Bilderback and Kendall resumed the battle. Kendall used the chrome horn to move Bilderback up the track heading into three, but Bilderback fought back and raced side by side with Kendall coming off of four. The two rubbed through one and two and down the backstretch before Kendall finally made the pass as they came off four to the checkers.


Bilderback was probably disappointed with second, but not at how he was passed.


“When I saw him (Kendall) behind me I knew it was going to be a good race,” said Bilderback. “We missed it a little bit in that race so hopefully we can come back for the next one and battle him.”


Bilderback knew he had to get to the front quickly even though three wide might not have been the best way to get there.  


“It’s only thirty laps so you gotta go when you gotta go,” said Bilderback. “I don’t think I buggered Kelsey too bad to get there. I was just hoping to get there and stay there but Bob was a little faster than us so good job to him.”


Kendall commented briefly on the tight racing at the end.


“Yeah it gets a little tight there at the end,” said Kendall. “It’s a tight track.”


Recap of the second feature coming shortly.

Jesse Bernhagen in Victory Lane at DRP (WARN Photo)
Bernhagen Leads Nolden At DRP (WARN Photo)

Bernhagen Nips Nolden At Dells Raceway Park


Written By: Gregg Paul


It was a race that seemingly might never end considering all the early cautions, but when the checkered flag finally flew it was Jesse Bernhagen capturing the first trophy for the year at Dells Raceway Park. Bernhagen had to survive multiple restarts, but took advantage of having the front row by himself which enabled him to hold off defending track champion Nick Nolden for the win.


The win was almost lost under the last caution when track officials decided to stop Bernhagen to check his car for leaking fluids. Luckily they did not find anything wrong and Bernhagen was able to hold off Nolden over the final few laps to secure the victory.


“My dad told me they were checking for leaks,” said Bernhagen. “I don’t know you’re not behind your car so you can’t tell if you had a leak or not. I was a little concerned but he convinced me we were fine so I was ok with it.”


Bernhagen and the rest of the field were probably not ok with the rash of cautions, especially early in the race. Cautions that seemed to be more out of careless driving than just mere racing incidents.


Morgan Schissel and Larry Schotten led the field to the green flag with Schissel getting the early jump. However just as the race got underway, it would be slowed just a lap into the forty lap feature.


Andy Schoff brought out that first caution when he spun in turn one. No one else was involved so the field quickly lined up for a restart.


Schissel held the front row on the restart and jumped out to the easy advantage. Bernhagen restarted the race on the inside next to Schotten and was able to get around him before the yellow would fly again just a lap later. Andy Niles spun his car in turn three but did not make any contact and restarted from the rear of the field.


Two restarts and two cautions. Would the third time be the charm? Not exactly.

They would actually get in two complete laps before another yellow would fly.


This time it would be a bit more severe as Natalie Decker spun coming off of turn four and collected the car of Kelsey Schultz who pile drove Decker’s car as it sat in the racing groove. Schultz’ car appeared to suffer the more serious damage as the radiator was destroyed as well as suspension damage. Decker was able to drive her car off the track but she headed to the pits and did not return.


Schissel once again assumed control of the race from his front row spot as racing resumed. Bernhagen and Schotten renewed their battle for second that wound up going to Bernhagen with an outside pass in turn two. Dan Lensing followed Bernhagen past Schotten into third. Behind those battles Dave Trute and Nick Nolden both made their way past John DeAngelis Jr. as they battled for the fifth and sixth spots.


Schissel and Bernhagen began to stretch out their lead over Lensing, as Lensing would lose the third spot back to Schotten on lap 8. Bernhagen was glued onto Schissel’s rear bumper by lap 10 while Trute would work his way past Schotten into the third spot. Nolden followed through the hole that Trute opened and into fourth place by lap 12.  


Bernhagen would work around Schissel for the lead on lap 13 and attempt to stretch out the lead.   


A lap later on lap 14 the yellow would fly again after Schotten got loose off of turn two and collected Shane Morrissey and Brian Hakula in the process.

They say that cautions tend to breed cautions and on this night the racers would not try to deny that mantra.


Andy Niles would bring out the yellow for the second time just as the field entered turn three on the restart. A lap after that Niles would be involved in yet another yellow, but this time there would be more carnage.


Morgan Schissel spun off of turn four down the middle of the front stretch and partially blocked the track. Schotten, Jordan Devoy and Niles piled into each other with Devoy suffering major damage to the front of his car.


Bernhagen jumped out to the lead on the restart as Nolden moved into second around DeAngelis Jr. Lensing also made his way past DeAngelis Jr. as Mike Ehde looked to follow on through. DeAngelis Jr. would slam the door on Ehde’s effort and that allowed Shane Morrissey to move past Ehde and into the fifth spot on lap 19.


Bernhagen started to stretch his lead out to three car lengths over Nolden as the cars came to the crossed flags signifying the half way mark.


Another yellow would fly on lap 22 when Trute would spin in turn two.

When the cone came out John DeAngelis Jr. jumped to the high side and started in third next to Nolden. As the green flag flew Bernhagen kept ahead of the battle for second that was temporarily won by DeAngelis Jr. when he cleared Nolden. The top three now ran nose to tail and pulled away from Lensing in fourth by four car lengths.


While Nolden and DeAngelis Jr. battled side by side for second, Bernhagen slowly inched away from the duo. Nolden held the inside lane while DeAngelis battled on the outside. Coming off of turn four DeAngelis Jr. cleared the front of Nolden’s car and slid down in front of him into turn one. 


The final yellow of the night came out with just eleven laps remaining when Andy Schoff spun for the second time in turn one.


During this caution period track officials decided to stop Bernhagen’s car on the track to check to see if it was leaking any fluids. Nolden had reported that his windshield was getting hit with fluid, but officials determined that it was not coming from Bernhagen’s car.


Bernhagen once again would restart alone in the front row, but this time it would be DeAngelis Jr. on the inside and Nolden on the outside. Bernhagen would take advantage of the battle for second and pulled away by a few car lengths. Nolden would look to the inside of DeAngelis Jr. a couple of times but DeAngelis Jr. would momentarily hold him off.


Nolden would pull even with DeAngelis Jr. with just six laps remaining and the duo would race side by side before DeAngelis slid wide off of turn four giving Nolden the break he needed to take over the second spot. DeAngelis Jr was struggling on the high side as Lensing pulled even with just three laps to go. Lensing would clear DeAngelis Jr. for the spot a lap later.


Meanwhile up front Nolden inched his way closer to Bernhagen but would run out of laps.


Bernhagen held onto the lead over the last couple of laps and found the checkered flag flying first over his car.


Considering the rash of cautions and the inconsistency of the restarts, Bernhagen was glad he had enough to get the job done.


“Well we were on the outside for those first couple of restarts,” said Bernhagen. “And we had a good bite every time. Later in the race I know we lost bite on the bottom too with about 15 to go. So we probably would have lost bite and I would have been concerned too.”


Bernhagen was able to take advantage of the restart rule allowing the leader to have the front row to himself.


“I think it is fair because some tracks will just go single file and some will do just double file restarts,” said Bernhagen. “When you put the leader by himself it gives the leader…..I don’t know, it’s a toss-up really.”


Despite the debate over the restarts, what really cemented the win for Bernhagen was the side by side battle between Nolden and DeAngelis Jr. which allowed Bernhagen to pull far enough ahead to seal the win.


“I knew when Nolden and Johnny (DeAngelis Jr.) were back there I came across the radio and I asked who was running 2nd and 3rd,” said Bernhagen. “I knew whoever was on the bottom was going to depend on how many laps we had to get away before they were cleared of each other. I guessed right when I said a lap and a half  and that’s exactly what it was.”


Second place for Nick Nolden may have been disappointing in some ways, but coupled with a new track record in qualifying, Nolden could still say he was proud of the team’s accomplishments. Despite how bizarre the series of cautions fell.


“I think it’s that a lot of people forgot how to drive over the winter and are trying to get a refresher course real fast,” said Nolden.


Being stuck behind the leader on the restarts it is a varied choice of whether to take the inside or outside. For Nolden there was an easy explanation as to why that is.


“Coming to the start finish line there’s an advantage on the outside,” said Nolden. “When you get into turns one and two you want to be on the inside so it’s a wash. It’s real essential to not spin the tires coming off of four and it’s very tough to do as well.”


The side by side battle with DeAngelis Jr. seemed to frustrate Nolden slightly, as that allowed Bernhagen to get away but then again that is racing.


“He (DeAngelis Jr.) got a good jump a couple of times and there were both real good cars there racing for position. Some real tight racing, there’s no doubt about that. It was good. We jumped ahead of him initially and then he came back and got us, so it was a good battle. Bernhagen’s car looked really good but I think if we had actually more than ten laps green flag we would have had a shot for a win here.”


Dan Lensing finished in third with John DeAngelis Jr. and Shane Morrissey in fourth and fifth respectively. 

2014 Season Schedule


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4/19 Sat-Tire Sale
Time: 2:00pm - 5:00pm
4/26 Sat-Practice
Tech-Safety Inspection (9am-5pm)
Open Practice (12pm-5pm)
5/3 Sat 52nd Season Opener TT 5pm Racing Starts 7pm
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5/7 Weds-Night Practice Starts (5pm-Dark) Every Weds May 7th-Aug 27th
5/10 Escorted Ladies Free Night (Happy Mothers Day) Free Roses
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5/17 Cabin Fever 100 Twin 50s - Armed Forces Appreciation Night (valid ID)
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5/24 Kids Club Bike Night - Green Mamba Jet Car
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5/31 Performance Parts Supply Night 50
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6/7 Car Load Night
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6/14 3rd Annual Josh Blum/Rich Siedschlag Memorial 50 - Burnout Contest
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6/21 Legends MN vs WI Border War
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Sportsman & Super Bandits-OFF
6/28 ARCA Midwest Tour Super Late Models, Wisconsin Dells 100
ARCA Midwest Tour Super Late Models, Sportsman, Bandits, Super Bandits
LM & Hobby Stocks-OFF
7/4 North American Cup Weekend - Big 8 Series
Support Div. TBA
7/5 North American Cup Weekend - TBA
7/12 Summer Sizzler 50
Super Late Models, Sportsman, Hobby Stocks, Bandits, Super Bandits, WI Sport Truck Series
7/19 Wisconsin Color Guard - Kids Night - Special Guest Mater from Cars
Late Models, Sportsman, Hobby Stocks, Bandits, Super Bandits, CSR Super Cup
7/26 Super Late 50 - Illinois Vintage Night - Legends MN vs WI Border War
Super Late Models, Hobby Stocks, Bandits, Vintage Car Racing, Legends Series
LM, Sportsman, & Super Bandits-OFF
8/2 Bandoleros Series - Kids Club Bike Night
Late Models, Sportsman, Hobby Stocks, Bandits, Super Bandits, Bandoleros
8/9 Kids Club Night - Penny Scramble
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8/16 Second Annual Habelman Cranberry 100 - Twin 50s
Super Late Models, Sportsman, Hobby Stocks, Super Bandits, Legacy Midwest
LM & Bandits-OFF
8/23 Tundra Super Late Models
Super Late Models 60 Lap Feature, Late Models, Sportsman, Bandits, Super Bandits, American Super Cup Cars
Hobby Stocks-OFF
8/30 Spectator Races
Late Models, Sportsman, Hobby Stocks, Bandits, Super Bandits
8/31 Labor Day of Doom
Tough Truck Tug of War, Car Fliping Stunts, Spectator Races, Rolling Ramp Jump, Bus Races, Wall of Steel, The Gauntlet Race, Trailer Races
9/6 Season Championship Night Extended Features All Classes
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9/18 Thurs-Open Practice
Open practice for all divisions - Noon to Dark
9/19 Friday-3rd Annual September Showdown Weekend
9/20 Saturday-3rd Annual September Showdown Weekend
Special Guest Illinois Vintage Series
9/21 Sunday-3rd Annual September Showdown Weekend
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