Marketing Opportunities With Wisconsin’s Newest Racing News Service


We try to WARN our readers about the racing news of the day. Wouldn’t you like to WARN your customers about your products and services?


WARN can offer your business prime advertising space on a variety of platforms throughout our web site.  There are many opportunities on each and every page, as well as audio or video ads within our live coverage and our soon to be announced radio programming.


WARN can tailor your ads to our Touring Series pages, individual track pages, or provide an even bigger presence on our live event coverage and radio programming. Your ad images and audio messages can be included in our online event reporting and internet radio broadcasts. There are limitless possibilities available to help you reach the thousands of fans that are reading the news on both the WARN web site and social media pages.


WARN is quickly growing in popularity as well as in devoted followers. Over the course of the past off season WARN has grown to almost 6,200 confirmed fans on our Facebook page and is still growing. Our live coverage generates an even higher amount of traffic through both sites, upwards of 10,000 views per posting.


WARN can offer you exclusive naming rights on our pages as well as our live event coverage. WARN has had partnerships with other racing series, as well as media outlets. These partnerships for sharing media content can help accentuate your promotional needs. Yet it is WARN’s creativity and desire to cover racing from the Fan’s Perspective that allows us to cater to any need you may have for your company.


WARN can offer you rates that will not only fit well within your advertising budget, but can target the race fans as well as the racers that are quickly turning to our site for racing news from throughout the Wisconsin and Midwest area. WARN can and will beat any competitor's rates. We hope that you will use this to your advantage as well as  helping WARN grow with your company.


If you would like more information on what advertising opportunities we can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can help each other get the word out about your products and services. Please call Gregg Paul at 414-380-2713 or email WARN at


Let Wisconsin Asphalt Racing News WARN your customers of your great products and services.